Nelson Rockefeller and the decline of moderate Republicanism

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    The news of Happy Rockefeller's passing has made me pensive yet again on the state of race relations in the U.S. On the one hand, opinion polls make it clear that under-30's view traditional U.S. racism as a slightly annoying hobby of over-65's. In theory, that traditional view will have just completely disappeared in 60 years, just like direct memories of WWII are dying now, and, WWII will in another 25 years. On the other hand, the fading memories are allowing yet another round of anti-historical revisionism to get written.

    The obituaries for Happy Rockefeller go on incessantly about how the divorce and remarriage of Nelson and Happy sunk his chances for becoming President. What they don't say is that Nelson Rockefeller was a classical Republican -- fiscally conservative, socially liberal, accepting of the New Deal safety net, and pro-civil-rights -- among a number of less outspoken, but, similar mainstream candidates: George Romney, Mark Hatfield, and William Scranton. Barry Goldwater (and Ronald Reagan) were the outliers. Before too long, the roles changed and the formerly mainstream Republicans were now Rockefeller Republicans. Here's a better description of what actually happened:

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    I also noted the passing of Happy Rockefeller. I always liked her.
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    there is no decline of classic moderate republicanism.
    we just call them 'democrats' now.
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    The bulk of today's Democratic Party is to the right of Nelson Rockefeller.
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    Agreed. The whole spectrum has shifted right since 1980. But, it is pretty interesting how we got here. Here is another little historical article in Politico that, like the previous article, corresponds with what I recall:

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