Network does not work, can ping sites but not browse web on any browser


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Aug 28, 2006
I cannot browse any websites on the web on any server. My Cable line is working and I get an ip address from my network settings. I can ping any website and it returns 64 bytes... etc...

Last thing I installed was the Cisco VPN Client and while I can access vpn of another network, I can't browse any sites. I have uninstalled the Cisco VPN Client and erased all files associated with the VPN Client and I still can't get my internet to work correctly.

BTW, this is a MAC MINI with OS X 10.4.7

Any Ideas?


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Jul 5, 2006
that is weird. the most common problem for people that can ping but not browse is that they are missing a DNS (pinging an IP and browsing the hostname). I'm sorry to say that this does not ring any bells.


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Sep 8, 2002
The Netherlands
Are you sure you have delete ALL files belonging to the CiscO VPN client...
There are file which are loade during startup (IIRC you can even see "Cisco VON client staring" during boot).

Try opening the terminal and type:

"sudo find / -name cisco*" and press <ENTER>, followed by password.
Maybe other CiscoVPN related files will appear.


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Jul 20, 2006
how is your network configured, go to system preferences, and network...
how many .. i guess network devices are there? (e.g. airport, ethernet, etc, etc)
which one do you use to access internet? make sure if you have two devices that connect to two different networks, the one you want to connect to internet is has more priority

(i know i sound like i dont know what i'm talkign about, because i'm on a PC now, i can't recall what the specific steps are) i connect to internet wirelessly from network#1, and connect via ethernet to my home network, network#2 which is not connected to the internet... and i can't connect to any website, while connected to both network ... i just had to set the priorities right, so the system knows which one it uses to connect to internet(and unfortunately, it doesn't called Priority in the system preferences, but it is in Network)


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Jun 18, 2003

Did you reboot after removing the Cisco VPN components? I believe it installs a kernel module.