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    Feb 25, 2004
    Hey everyone,

    My uncle wants to get an 11mbps network in his house. He only wants the network so he can use his e-mail wirelessly, for his business; he doesn't need to fileshare with the desktop or anything, so it doesn't need to be networked.

    He's using a Windows laptop, which he currently connects via USB to an Alcatel Speedtouch 330 broadband modem. This modem also serves the desktop computer, though, so basically, the cable needs to be switched between computers, at this point in time.

    Is it possible to connect a plain 11mbps wireless router to the broadband modem, and then use a PCMCIA 11mbps wireless card for his laptop? Both computers won't be on the internet at the same time, so there's no worry about conflicts, I think. Better yet - will the cable have to be swapped if he wants to do this? If it does - is there a solution that doesn't involve having to take out cables - basically, one that let's him use the desktop wired, then finish and use his laptop wirelessly?

    Hope I said that clearly enough - I'm new to networks!

    Thanks for any help :)

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    Apr 17, 2002
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    Most Cable/DSL wireless routers also have at least a 4 port switch built in.

    I recommend the Linksys wireless routers, as I've never had any problems with mine.

    The set up will go:

    Broadband modem -> Wireless Cable/DSL Router -> Desktop PC via straight through patch cable and the laptop via a PCMCIA wireless card.

    802.11b should be plenty fast for what he's looking to do.

  3. _pb_boi thread starter macrumors 6502

    Feb 25, 2004
    Thanks very much for your help :):)

    So it's OK to share the modem between the two then; the wireless router will have a cable jack to connect to the desktop, as well as wirelessly to the PCMCIA card?

    By straight through patch cable - do you mean just a regular Cat 5/E cable?

    Thanks again for your help :)


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