Never Forget: Donald Trump Stole 9/11 Recovery Funds

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by rdowns, Sep 11, 2016.

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    How low can you get, I mean, besides having a foundation where you just give other people's money away and none of your own?

    But Hillary coughed yesterday so they got that going for them.
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    There are two parts to this story, one, Donald Trump's company received a payment like every other business in the area for cleanup and loss of revenue. Two, Donald Trump misattributed it to allowing people to stay rent free in his building. My only question is if he actually helped people out after 9/11, if so it sounds like an honest mistake for an issue he wasn't fully familiar with or remembered properly. If he didn't help people out then it's a lie.

    I can't find the actual info because the liberal rags are clutching on to this like it's a smoking gun of some sort.

    The bottom line is did Donald Trump help people after 9/111 or not?
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    Also find the topic misleading, even the article states his company received the money for recovery efforts like everyone else, i.e. his company filed paperwork for which the officials approved. That's not stealing.
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    So being paid for a service you provided is helping people in a time of need? (Not directed at anyone in particular).
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    It sounds just like Trump to do something perfectly ordinary and acceptable in some given circumstance, but then try to make it into something that portrays him as amazingly generous, even heroic. Thereby revealing himself once again as the narcissistic putz he has been, is and always will be. There it is, folks. What you see is what you get if you vote for him. Self-embellishing, self-tarnishing Donald.

    It's sad, or it would be sad if there weren't people out there willing to put him into the White House. There could never be an adequate number of PR flacks out there polishing his image , desperately trying to stave off his efforts to make it super-shiny all by himself. We'd be holding our breath every time he stepped up to a podium somewhere ready to point out how he has made Donald Trump great again.

    "Today I stopped the sea from reclaiming Manhattan as I signed the Geneva Climate Accords. This would not have been possible without my ability to recognize a good deal and get it done right away. Thank you for coming, and please apply for a Trump Visa sometime if you think you're good enough to join me in the greatest country I've ever created from scratch."

    Vote for him if this is what you want. It's what we'll get if he wins.
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    Reasonable post.

    I loathe Trump, but I am pretty sure $150K is chump change to him so he probably never even knew or cared about this. Some minion no doubt submitted the paperwork. Also, perhaps his company did help people by letting them store their belongs in the building, which resulted in rental income loss if the storage areas were apartments plus repair and clean-up after people dinged the walls etc. moving their stuff out. Who knows? More information is needed to convince me Trump did anything wrong on this occasion.

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