New 15 Inch rMBP Today Vs. 15 Inch rMBP last August?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CLASSIC MUSCLE, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Last August I purchased a BTO online rMBP with 2.6 GHz option, 16 RAM, 512 Flash. I'm now considering giving this computer to my father as a gift and ordering another 15 Inch rMBP for myself. On Apples website, the 2.7GHz model now says "NEW" and the price $2,799.00 (I think the BTO above cost me about $3K).

    Can anybody tell me if I'll find any differences in my current rMBP and a new one? At the time I got mine, they had just came out, and many people complained about build quality. I will admit my case is a little "creaky" at times from the glue not holding up 100% but I was thinking the build quality on a new one might be a little better now since production isn't as rushed? Also, are the screens going to be the same? I've seen some threads about LG versus Samsung panels being used. Also any improvements since last August in the heat/fans department?

    I LOVE these computers and was just curious if I should keep my current and go with a new one. My dad is 60 years old and will not notice any of the nit picky things I do!
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    The one you got first was the upgraded model with the ugraded RAM: 8 more GB for $200. That would have cost you exactly $3000 all together. The different lies completely in the processor. 2.6 GHz vs. 2.7. Basically no difference at all. Maybe a few minutes off a video render that takes a few hours or even days. There is also the option of getting a SanDisk SSD. They had problems at first, but those have now been fixed with the recent SMC update.

    The case creaking is not normal; you might have gotten a cosmetically defective unit. Also, LG has started to make a new screen which seems to have fixed the IR, but they are still using the Rev. 1 problematic ones. At least on the 15", you can know which brand you have. There were some updates to the heatsink/ thermal system in the 2013 update, but the benefits are still unclear. They changed I/O boards, logic board (to fit the new chip), SSDs (SanDisk) and started to use a new screen. It's a tossup to which you will get.

    At least you can return it to Apple for a replacement (within 14 days) or for a fix (within 1 year/ 3 years with Applecare) if any mura, IR, dead pixels, "creaking" etc. develop. Unless your father REALLY wants one, I would not get the new one.
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    Many of the Macbook 'creaking' issues I've come across have simply occurred due to a couple of not-as-tight screws on the bottom casing. I had this issue with one of my cMBP's, and after tightening the bottom screws the creaking went away. I'm not promising this will fix your issues, but you should definitely give it a shot (assuming you can find a pentalobe screwdriver!)

    As to your other concerns, the build quality was never at fault with the original model, just the panel lottery process. As the others have said, you can still get a rev.1 LG screen, but I'd think you're likely to get a rev. 2 panel or a Samsung. However, there is always that chance. If you do get a faulty panel, you could either return the machine for another or have Applecare replace it for free. Your call on that. And I don't believe there were any changes with the fans and what-not, but I could be wrong. Overall, you'll be receiving what is largely the exact same machine. The few changes that were made were internal design changes rather than internal upgrades. You should enjoy your new machine just as much as your 2012, enjoy!

    Oh, and your Dad is receiving a pretty awesome hand me down
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    you do you tell if you get a rev 2 or rev 1 lg screen after you bought it?
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    I just determined my '12 rMBP 2.6/16/512 had a Samsung screen so I'm leaning towards just getting him a '13 model rather than take the chance on me getting stuck with the LG screen.
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    I think this is the most logical choice, especially with the screen lottery. Going up .1ghz is not worth the jump. If you were make a bigger jump say, 2.8 w/768ssd than it may be more worth it (assuming you need the increase in speed and size).

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