New 15" powerbook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by hcopp, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. hcopp macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2003
    East Lansing, MI
    i have had it now for about 48 hours, and it is awesome, every single thing about it, i like it way more than my 17" iMac, and the screen does not seem that much smaller. But this thing is perfect, no latch problems, no white spots, not a single dead or stuck pixel. perfection. God created this machine.
  2. NP3 macrumors regular

    Jul 12, 2003
    Los Angeles
    Congrats :)

    Although i think i'll wait till the powerbook g5 comes out to say that God created it :)
  3. MacRAND macrumors 6502a


    May 24, 2003
    Phoenix AZ USA
    G4 PowerBook 15" is Heavenly

    Neither IBM nor Apple is a Goddess - as Adam and Eve would attest,
    having shamefully bit a byte out of AppleCare not Macintosh, forever banished from the Secret Garden (that's how the AppleWorks) to GoLive where Jaguars and Panthers play, into the RealOne UNIX universe and Network known as OS of X galaxy, and then God gave man FireWire800 to keep warm, and musical iTunes to make nice the Preview per Keynote eMail address, quiet and SoftPlay each Day.
    If iListen to your MS Words, iChat to Excel and am Enhanced to XPress before my Entourage a Quark, eLogic prose and verse InDesign certain Grapical images within your PhotoShop, but that's not the PowerPoint, because You Don't Know Jack!
    As a mere Illustrator and DreamWeaver under Extensis development rendering each PIXAR Finding Nemo with Maya, U2 bring out a hare from the OLE RedHat multithreaded for a Classic Premiere showing iMovie at a Cinema Studio. Each Image iCapture thru Windows, yes iPhoto and iSpeak j2 Messenger of OmniPage and OmniGraffle, iStep in QuickTime for Real while marching UP the Peak, then in Speed Download fore the Ultimate Solitaire. Just Thinking Home and using solid CookWare to Preview each morsel at the table by column and row, Dear... Sherlock having A-fork 2B in hand, while Watson LOOKS at the Dell Tower Clock and Snapz a TechTool for Sambucus just in time to catch a LiON named LiDE 30 Animals scanned for the Zoo while on Safari as the Best Buy Out of Africa.:p

    If a G4 PB BeOS heavenly, then G5 PowerBooks require no AVID Reader for audio books, this could well be Paradise Lost to call Security at each HomePage . To preseve Recent Items, Drag & Drop to folder or Desktop no matter how untitled the folder is. At the Border we Click'NDesign the NASCAR for each Driver and deliver to the Instant Messenger by Date & Time, as Calculators, iLearn the FAX Stf within the Chess.
    Once upon a Remote Desktop Connection, we Rendeveous to Render a DVD Studio in the MYST, once there= iSync into a software chair, and sip aMUG of ICeCoffEE. PRINT a new WorldBook Dictionary for the Library in References, then Transcribe and DeLocalize languages for Norton, because the SystemWorks. Then to Network Favorites and System Preferences by Edit for iBook of History with Documents, Photos and Pictures illustrated in WordsPerfect. The engine iPod was Shut Down, BACKUP then Restart and FASTFORWARD all Movies down the multi-path towards the Dock, EJECT into the Surf with a Splash! As my Head Crash into the DISC Wheel of Fortune with such a HiFi Jaz Soundtrack, iHear the ebb and flow of OceansEleven in OPEN International waters in the Florida KEYS using a motherboard for Surfing wax ink Techtronix by Xerox at 850. Once you INSTALL, RESTART to Dodge & Burn i RAM into your MindSet if your AppleCares tp eat megabites of memory. Be an early adopter and Climax with .Mac atop the Library Tower tall, beside an Adobe FONT in MacMall via Broadband Path, to buy CLOSE @ the STORE with an Educational Discount on your PCI-X card, then feast at Newton's Zone making a total Connection with Newbies and Switchers alike, to get there is a Hard Drive but iCan Help MyComputer if you X-Plane the Gig.
    Still, iHear the Music PLAY, then PAUSE as
    iWatch the laser @ Lightspeed RECORD. Iomega Ancient History in a PowerBook, not PC according to Intel at the Gateway. iSing for the Joy of Cooking computers as a TEST for FileMakers Pro iLife does not ABORT, but does BURN iDisk in MindGames of the Heart and soul.
    So, Farwell to Arms wave in earnest, Roxio does love Christmas log in and time out, to renew One of his Real Favorites with Love Potion OS 9. SmilieFaces grin, Tonight Show one Bluetooth dental :D sawtooth :rolleyes: to line-in audio only and Track Santas' sleigh in the snow screen with RAIN & ICE viewed by RADAR on a CRT, until SAFE @Home and secure files 2 Plug&Play a wireless optical Mouse, his Slide Show does ring in the New Year's wish list of GUI cheers and iCard greetings to renew .Mac membership if heavily discounted. Jolly Jobs woked on the OLE manual, always Repair Privileges, because an Apple Disk Utility a Day keeps the Disk Doctor away from your Browser, to Label a Yellow Dog on the Menu at 99 cents to break even at Virginia Tech eating a Big Mac with French fried circuits, o-rings and a Pepsi challenge to Iraq, by our President serving Turkey for Thanksgiving with Tony Hawk & Doves aboard AF-1, Fly II home in Texas Barbeque, Porky.
    iWish your Dalmatian a blueberry
    MERRY CHRISTMAS ...every 1. ;)

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