New 2018 Mac mini display issue


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Jan 28, 2004
Looking at the manual p46
'Image disruption may occur as a result of signal frequency differences from graphic cards which do not correspond with the usual standard. This is not, however, an error. You may improve this situation by altering an automatic setting or by manually changing the phase setting and the pixel frequency from the “Display” menu.'

Maybe it could be a default setting on the display itself?

Try as I may I cannot get my old (2006) BenQ to change resolution to 1920x1200🤔😞
Hi Floored,

Thanks for the advice, I tried as you suggested but I cant even get into the 'display' settings but strangley I can access all the others?!
I guess its time for my trusted old monitor to make its way to the graveyard.

In the next few months I'm building a dedicated gaming pc and will be buying a new monitor to go with it.
No doubt the fun and games will begin again with compatibility as I'm wanting my Mac Mini connected to it as well.