New 3ivx 4.1 Improvements?


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Apr 12, 2001
appleguru points to this screenshot which claims to be a prerelease version of DiVA and an upcoming 3ivx codec update.

appleguru details some of the new features depicted:

The leaked photo from DiVA 1.0 suggests that 3ivx 4.1 will contain 2-Pass encoding, and that DiVA 1.0 will have an Auto-2 pass function which will allow for unattended 2-pass encoding.

Other improvements such as the ability to save compression settings, and to specify a "Credits" section (A section of the encoded file to have it's quality lowered) also seem to be present.
The screenshot also appears to be reaching an impressive encoding rate of 72.6 frames per second (reportedly on a G5)


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Jun 3, 2003
It's all true... 3ivx gets better all the time! Go Stux!

Video encoded in 2-Pass looks amazing.
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