New 4.1 Multimedia Speaker System

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    Harman Multimedia Introduces New 4.1 Multimedia Speaker System

    MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO ? January 7, 2003? Harman Multimedia, a leading provider of audio products for the desktop, today announced the JBL INVADER audio system, the company?s first 4.1 speaker system. JBL INVADER is the direct result of customer requests for a high-performance surround sound computer audio system combining high fidelity and innovative design worthy of the JBL brand. The 80-watt, 4.1 multichannel audio system includes 4 satellites and a powerful subwoofer to produce a high performance sound experience for gaming, DVD playback, and music. JBL INVADER can also function as a 2.1 system to create stunning stereo imaging for CDs and MP3s.

    ?After introducing the award-winning Soundsticks and Creature products, Harman Multimedia is now launching an innovative 4.1 system optimized for gamers and music aficionados,? said James A. Druckrey, president of Harman Multimedia. ?JBL INVADER is the next step for consumers looking for a powerful surround sound experience offering unsurpassed audio quality and product design.?

    The JBL INVADER audio system utilizes simple interconnects which provide effortless control of volume, treble and subwoofer levels with minimal desktop wiring. The powerful 32-watt subwoofer incorporates a new, proprietary port design and a MAGNUM transducer providing clean, strong bass. The four 12-watt satellite speakers complement the subwoofer to provide the level of high sound quality consumers desire for games, DVD?s, and music.

    Pricing and Availability
    JBL INVADER is compatible with all analog stereo and multichannel sound cards in desktop and laptop computers, as well as MP3 players and personal CD players. It will be available online at for a suggested retail price of $179.99 and at national retailers.
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    $180 sure seems like a lot of money.

    Cambridge Soundworks already has a 4.1 system. I'm listening to music through that model, and it sounds incredible.

    Then again, preference is preference. I was never really impressed with H/K. :cool:

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