"New App Review" - Finally an App for Finding the Hottest Bars and Clubs in Your Town

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    iBarhopper is a new photo sharing app for Clubbing scenes, which helps us find the most happening places in town. There's a map, address info and a photo album for each Bar or Club on iBarhopper.

    Whenever I am going out for drinks with my friends I find this App extremely useful, because it helped me and my friends discover interesting places around town which I didn't even knew existed. The map and GPS on my phone also helps a lot, because I can Bar hop with ease :) No more sitting on the computer doing research and searching for places to go.

    This App is even more handy when I'm traveling, because it's used by people all around the world and already contains pics and info of the most popular Bars and Clubs in OVER 800 Cities, when I travel to a new place and wanted to hang out at night, all I have to do is fire this baby up, and BOOM, I know all these cool places to go to!

    Unlike so many nightlife info Apps on App store, iBarhopper is the most intuitive, informative, no login required, and FREE for a limited time. A real time and money saver!


    ====TOP PARTY CITIES on iBarhopper App====
    San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, New York, Washington Dc, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Saint Tropez, London, Rome, Venice, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Ibiza, Prague, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Pattaya, Reykjavik, Buenos Aires, Hvar, Rio De Janeiro, Marrakech, Dubai, La Paz, Cape Town, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Athens, Baku, Auckland, Budapest, Goa, Belgrade, Riga, Istanbul, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney

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