New Apple Enclosure on Tech Tv?

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Jul 11, 2002
Hi, I was watching tech tv yesterday (The Screen Savers) and there was a segment where they show you how to put an LED in your mouse's scroll wheel. In the backround there was a metal shelf that resembled a server rack wiht all sorts of stuff on it. The thing that cought my eye was on the top shelf sticking out of the corner. It looked like a computer casing. I hadn't seen this enclosure on a pc before and on the side of the casing it had two large letters on the side (i could only see the first half of the "G") and they were in the same style as the big G3 lettering seen all over the place. The best way can describe the enclosure is a small rectangle with no curves, smaller then the current g4 enclosure and plain steel grayplating, kind looked like a powerbook tower. I couldn't really tell what it was so I was wondering if anyone else noticed it. The show will probably re-run this weekend and it featured Maya tips, as well as a review of the nomad 3. Thanks, bye.

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
cool, a Kenyan & Kel fan :)

I am quite sure it will not be releaed to Apple because I don't think TechTV get on all that well with them anymore :)


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May 14, 2002
i saw it and i was wondering the same thing. btw "Leo" thinks macosx is the greatest os everand they all love the ipod.megan loves itunes and most use or have macs on tss
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