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    Description:: Normally, a speedier computer that appears to be carbon copy of the one it replaced isn't worthy of much attention. Not so, with the new iMac from Apple Computer Inc., the first with silicon brains from Intel Corp.

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    I still think it rather strange of Apple to have unveiled this new iMac (and the MacBook Pro) so early when consumers will be faced with more complication than Apple traditionally gives them.

    For instance, Apple says this computer is 2x-3x faster. So a lay consumer might buy the computer, not understanding the fact that their programs such as GoLive or Office will be running under Rosetta. Maybe a wealthy consumer who has a brand new iMac G5 will even be upgrading. Rather than seeing these programs run 2-3x faster, they will be that much slower!

    Apple usually seems to resist betas and likes to give customers polished products. No doubt their iMac is polished, but Apple is not unto itself an island. It's dependent on software outside of the iLife suite. Even as a hardcore Mac fan, I will be waiting to upgrade until this transition is more complete. Hopefully Apple can float along during that time? Perhaps that's exactly why they decided to strike with this gamble now, because the iPod industry will keep them buoyant as they go through another transition.

    Although the Apple community is burdened with more transitions than the Microsoft community, it is also what keeps Apple's side on the cutting edge. Apple is relatively nimble compared to Microsoft. If Microsoft had had to have all its customers booting into whatever their version of "Classic" would be and wait for whatever their version of Mac OS X applications would be, there likely would have been a lot more grumbling since Microsoft has such a large footprint.

    I wonder what 2010 has in store, as Steve Jobs said that Mac OS X would be the OS for the next decade when it was released. Are they already at work on another transition?
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