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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Ja Di ksw, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Ja Di ksw

    Apr 9, 2003
    Hi all. I'm proud to say that I convinced one of my friends who was getting a new laptop, and dead set against apple, to change her mind and get a 1.25 GHz pb. So far she is in love with it, going absolutely nuts. She's leaving for vienna in a couple days, though (which is why she wanted a laptop, for school there), and wanted me to tell her some good apps to get (preferably download, but buy as well) that would just make it better. Things like Meteorologist, simple fun things to make it better, and some more basic needed apps like Word. If it helps, she's a Junior in college studying Education and German.

    Thanks a lot, this com is meaning more and more to her. The Apple store guy even laughed at her and said, "could you be beaming a little more?" as she left with it.

    (If this belongs in the software section, please move, I wasn't sure which to put it in)
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    Jan 15, 2004
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    If she'll be studying German I would highly recommend Ultralingua as a MUST have software.

    It's the best foreign-language dictionary out there period. And, it has features that make students of foreign languages drool. Very inexpensive, too.

    When you get the software you can order language modules (German, French, etc.), so she could have a handy portable dictionary with her at all times. It even has a version that can go on a Palm.
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    Nov 9, 2003
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    I like Cronnix myself. Reset your crons to occur at any time! I even added a repair permissions cron. But that's more work than play.

    Their are lots of game demos out there that are begging to be on the powerbook I imagine:
    THPS4 Demo
    MOHAA: Spearhead Demo
    JKII Demo
    Don't forget emulators and Roms (

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