[NEW] Diet Hero App kills calorie counting [FREE] 12/29-12/31 ONLY!

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    Diet Hero, an iPhone app (FREE FOR 12/29-12/31 ONLY) saves people from the tedious calorie counting monster that all food tracking apps have become. MyFitnessPal and Lose It are all just calorie trackers.

    Calorie counting is actually a REactive approach to losing weight. You ate poorly, then you log it (or not.. :). Diet Hero is PROactive. It's a fundamentally different approach to losing weight - it tells you exactly WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat.

    The app knows what foods you like and what foods you actually have. Say you're a busy professional. You didn't have time to go to the grocery last weekend and now you only have 6 items in your house. Diet Hero will make do with these 6 foods!

    Diet Hero knows your age, height, gender, desired rate of weight loss, and activity level. The app has everything it needs to give you a daily diet of exactly WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat to lose weight, based on the foods you have and like!

    Don't like a food? Simply swap it and Diet Hero knows to replace a protein with another protein. And a carb with another carb.

    The app officially launches on January 1st, 2016, in support of New Year's Resolutions. Starting today, this iPhone app is available for FREE so you can play around with it.

    On January 1st, 2016 it will officially launch and be priced at $1.99 in the Apple Appstore.

    iTunes app link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/diet-hero-weight-loss-app/id951617457?mt=8
    Website: http://dietheroapp.com/
    Screenshots: http://dietheroapp.com/press/

    Please e-mail me with any questions about the app!
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    Dec 29, 2015
    Over 5K downloads in two days. Just one day left, 12/31 when it's still FREE!
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    Dec 29, 2015
    Today is the last day when it's still FREE!

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