New Documents – A step towards a better file system on iOS

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    Readdle team is excited to announce an amazing update for our Documents app.

    Documents is a hub for all your files. Today, over 2 million people rely on Documents daily.


    What’s new in Documents 5.6?
    Look what we’ve got under the hood.

    New File System
    We’ve changed the way how to manage files saved on your iOS device or cloud storage.

    Easily navigate between your iPad and Cloud Storage
    The new file system is more efficient, and it takes seconds to navigate between files within the app and those in your cloud storage.

    Now you can easily sort out your files without creating files and folders at several locations at once. You can see exactly what’s on your iPad and what’s uploaded in the cloud from the sections on the Sidebar. Everything is clear and concise.


    Add new storage right from the sidebar
    Now you don’t need to take many actions to add a new cloud storage. You can do that right from your sidebar in one-two taps.


    Drag and drop files
    Working with files should be fast and robust: every day we move, copy and share images, docs and videos. Just pick an item and drag it to where you want it. That’s it, regardless of whether in was on your device or in the cloud.


    Apple Pencil support
    When this feature became available in our PDF Expert 5 app, many asked us if it will appear in Documents as well. It took some time, and now you can use Apple Pencil exactly the way you want it within your Documents app.

    Rename storage

    How often do you have to deal with different cloud storages? One of them is for your personal use, second one is for your work documents, and the last one, say, containing personal photos, is shared with your family. It’s not always easy no understand the purpose from the storage name (which is often just an email). Well, now you can rename them easily to avoid any confusion.


    Readdle Transfer

    Transferring files between iPad and iPhone has never been easier. You can start working on the document on iPad and continue working with it on iPhone. It’s magic! Just make sure that your devices are in the same network and you have Documents installed on all of them.

    Read more on Readdle Transfer.


    Picture in Picture

    Watch your favorite show while reading a book or surfing in the browser with picture in picture mode. You can easily pause, close or share the video via AirPlay. Note that PiP mode requires iOS 9.0. or later installed on compatible iPad.


    Bottom Line

    Documents is perfect to view all file formats, annotate PDFs and create text files. You can view Office files, PDFs, images, videos and much more. You can download and store files from any cloud service, Web or transfer them from your computer. It helps you to easily organize files into folders for your convenience.

    We are delighted to say it’s a free update for all of our users. 2 million of happy users can’t be wrong. Hurry up to get it on the AppStore for free!
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    Jul 21, 2016
    Out of interest, do you support restoration of deleted Dropbox files? I've not found a file manager that does that since Boxie became defunct.
  3. Michaelgtrusa macrumors 604

    Oct 13, 2008
    Do you have planes to offer a Mac version?
  4. Readdlemate thread starter Suspended


    Jan 26, 2009
    Hi! Not in plans right now. Is there something lacking in Finder?
  5. simon lefisch macrumors 6502a

    simon lefisch

    Sep 29, 2014
    @Readdlemate, I have a feature request.... Can you add an option to show a file size (kb/mb)? Especially useful when connected to Cloud services.

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