New Dual 867 vs Old Dual 1 GHz


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Aug 16, 2002
I'm about to buy a new computer soon (as soon as week). I just can't decide between the new dual 867 or the old 1 ghz. i know i absolutely want either one of these two comps, and nothing else.

does ddr really make that much of a difference?

can you guys help me out with your opinions??? i'm REALLY stuck.

by the way, if i do decide on getting the old 1ghz, would i have to pay full price for 10.2?


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Aug 9, 2002
The old dual 1ghz is better than the new dual 867. However i have done the research on the kind of hardware Apple uses, and despite recent news reports i dont have any doubt that the new dual 1ghz are better than the old
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