New G4 August 13 - MWNY 20 gig Ipods


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Jan 3, 2002
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I'm sure that....

I'm sure that if Apple doesn't unveil or announce new Powermac that there will again be some disappointed people at MWNY and elsewhere. If the new Powermacs are unveiled in August like the rumor reads I can understand since Apple would like to package that with the release of OS 10.2.
I only wanted to watch the quicktime stream of the keynote to see and hear about the new powermacs but I guess I won't see that...? It still should be a good expo.


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Apr 10, 2002
Its become pretty standard that we get an announcement and then a later ship date. This fits with apples new product realease philosophy because they are not waiting to announce, they are doing it a little ahead of time. Only a few weeks at that.

I still think there is a possibility that Apple will push buying at an apple store by realeasing a product on shelf in the Apple stores and shipping everyone elses a bit later. It would bring in the traffic.


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Apr 10, 2002
I'm very optimistic that the new G4 will be unveiled at NY with an august official release date. The new G4 / screen promo can still be available. As Drastik said with one of their biggest stores opening. It would mean sales to have the new G4's displayed and they can take advanced orders.

A 20 gig ipod is great and so is the 17" imac but we need the G4's -
I think at least we will get an announcement similar to the Xserve with a date. But we should have them that same day in all apple stores.
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