New G5 on the fritz..ugg

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    Dec 6, 2003
    So my single 1.8 G5 finally shows up. I connect up my G3 to the G5 through firewire- the g3 wont work by holding down the "t" key so I make the g5 the drive and start moving files over on the g3 to the g5. Suddenly I get "error 127 on my g3 the g5 starts making noises louder than an airplane. Ok, fine- I'll try ethernet conenction. That doesnt work because on the G5- I try to click on the "allow file sharing" but it refuses to let me chose it. (The check mark wont stay on) So I restart my G5 and now, when it starts up in the upper right corner it says "sh-2.05a#" and thats it. I cant get past this screen. And when I try to reinstall everything from disk- I get an error.. And of course- I can't call Apple til tomorrow. Anyone have any clue?
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    Re: New G5 on the fritz..ugg

    Is the airplane noise that of the fans going fullspeed? That is normal for a G5 in target disk mode (firewire). Since the computer is not a computer, but just a firewire harddrive, the fans do not know what state the G5 is at, so its safer to spin the fans full speed.

    I think that you might want to restore from DVD. The G3 file transfer might have done something bad to the G5 hard drive, and now, it can't boot with it.

    Safest way to transfer files is via ethernet, though, that requires 2 monitors/etc. You should look at the various help screens on the G5 as to why you can't enable file sharing. On the G5 and OS X, it should all be in the System Preferences application, and in Network and Sharing applets, that and a working ethernet cable. G5 should be smart enough to use any ethernet cable direct to the G3, it will handle any of the crossover stuff automatically.
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    When you heard the fans on the G5 spin up to full power and thought, "Ok, fine - I'll try Ethernet" -- what did you do? I'm not sure how one would go about shutting down a Mac in FireWire target disk mode because it's been years since my one experience using an early PowerBook in SCSI target disk mode, but I'm pretty sure you'd want to shut it down carefully. I'm guessing, if you were concerned and wanted to shut down, you'd cancel the file copying, eject the G5 from the G3's desktop, and then -- what? Is there a "shut down" buttion on the screen of the G5 you can click, or does it automatically turn itself off when ejected?

    I'm just concerned that if you were surprised by the noise and reacted by powering off the G5 or yanking the FireWire cable that you might have gotten some drive scrambulation as a result. If it were me, I'd wait and call Apple, but be ready to reinstall from scratch after reformatting.

    Bummer first night with the G5. Sorry to hear about it.

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    Dec 6, 2003
    I have tried to use the install DVD and I keep getting a error message before it even starts installing. Hopefully Apple can walk me through a re-install in the morning.

    UPDATE: Apple had me erase the hard disk and reinstall- and that seemed to do the trick. I am now moving everything from my G3 to my G5 through firewire- which is taking longer than I thought- but hopefully it all goes well- and I can finally begin to use my new G5.

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