New Haitian leader is a US trained murderer

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by diamond geezer, Mar 4, 2004.

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    Jan 26, 2004

    Yet another democracy overthrown with the help of the US, king of hypocrisy.
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    Jan 4, 2004
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    Yet another democracy overthrown with the help of the US, king of hypocrisy.

    Is democracy such a good idea for a country such as Haiti? In a country plagued by starvation, poverty, lack of infrastructure (thus an inability to properly disseminate information), and only 50% literacy, can the masses actually be charged to effectively choose officials let alone govern themselves? Democracy is an over-utilized platitude often bandied about by moralistic liberals in order to give their ideas some sort of tie to "the people". Lest we forget that democracy is rule by the uneducated poor (a very true definition in the case of Haiti) which, by it's nature, leads to tyranny. While the rise of a military dictatorship is certainly scary so is the idea of a democracy especially in a poor and for the most part homogeneous population, this can lead only to a tyranny of the majority which will suppress and persecute those who think, act, look, or behave differently, thereby strangling the only hope of progression from within. Haiti needs some sort of intervention and the formation of a temporarily strong government (not a military dictatorship) in order to organize and elevate the country out of the depths of poverty in which it now wallows is in my eyes possibly a good idea.
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    how many percentage of americans voted on the last election ?

    lously 51,30% nearly exactly the same percentage like _Iran_ (austria: 80,4% and that's consider a low election turnout)
    one the one side george W.bush (close) on the other side conservatic islamics which won..

    the 'better educated,richer' americans voted for the conservative bush...
    the really poor,and bad educated iranians voted for the conservative islamic party

    so whats the problem with americans ? are they poor ? don't think so of the richest countries of the world ...are they bad educated ? don't think so..

    i wouldn't consider george bush a tyran but his government is acting like one:
    *'persecute those who think, act, look, or behave differently' reminds me of bush who wants to forbid 'gay marriage'
    *'if you aren't with us you are against us', 'old europe' for somebody from a german-speaking country this reminds me of a very dark, dark age
    *US Government-War-Propaganda : heard before .. open history book of your choice...
    *'war on terrorism' yeah war _really_ stops terrorism...look at israel how it works there..or russia

    btw: War-News are censored in the US since the end of vietnam.... 'free press' in america ? illusion
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    I posted this last week in another thread. It is from Findlaw's site. It is instructive concerning the thugs that have come to power in Haiti with US assistance.


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