New Hardware - I might be pissed!!

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by gandalf55, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. gandalf55 macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2001

    Read the subhead:

    Appliance buzz
    Commentary: The chatter on Apple's new device

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) -- Depending on whom you ask, it's either a wireless tablet computer, a portable musical hard drive, or a digital multimedia hub. One theory depicts an integrated keyboard with a removable PDA. Some people even speculate that it's the fabled "Ginger."

    Now look at this mock-up I made 2 months ago (and was contacted by a hardware manufacturer to produce for Apple):

    No one will know until Apple announces tomorrow, but wouldn't this be strange ?!?!?!?

    If this thing has a keyboard like mine (which a lot of people thought was retarded) - I will be pissed off.
  2. ThlayliTheFierce macrumors regular

    Jul 31, 2001
    San Luis Obispo, CA
    That would suck, but hey you could claim to some degree that you designed it! On another note, I don't think I've ever seen this much speculation, which is probably just what SJ wants.
  3. mnkeybsness macrumors 68030


    Jun 25, 2001
    Moneyapolis, Minnesota
    good thing apple didn't introduce your stupid keyboard pda, or i would have to buy it just to throw it down the *******.
  4. gandalf55 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Apr 13, 2001
  5. spikey macrumors 6502a

    Apr 26, 2001
    Can we stop it with the "happy dream land where PDAs come to life" bullsh*t.
    I think im about to puke.
  6. eyelikeart Moderator emeritus


    Jan 2, 2001
    Metairie, LA
    I agree

    I agree with Spikey! If you really want a PDA, then get a Palm. At least there's software on the Mac to hotsync the things. And should Apple come out with their own, there's always ebay!
  7. Durandal7 macrumors 68040

    Feb 24, 2001
    Would be nice...

    It would be nice if Apple released something along these lines but its dobutful.I would expect Handspring or some other company to release something like it.But hey thanks for using my PDA picture on it :).

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  8. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    pda can't be as bad as the current desktop market

    i hope apple could do something like this soon...while some my laugh now, the current market conditions are screaming for high tech companies to make something more than a central/main computer
  9. benmac macrumors member

    Jul 17, 2001
    Brussels (Belgium)
  10. Classic macrumors regular

    Jul 9, 2001

    Christ almighty! How many times are you going to post the url to your friggin' lame ass website! Why not atleast post the original url from which you stole the images? And I don't mean on your site, I mean directly in the forum!

    Out of your 18 posts, atleast 4 of them have been plugs to your site. I think we get the picture.
  11. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    that doesn't stop porn

    many porno pix are also cut and pasted from some original site but that doesn't stop people from coming back and creating more of what is still the #1 business on the internet

    you have to realize, that pictures of mac products are like playboy centerfolds to some die hard mac techies

    check out if you want real apple "centerfolds"

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