new ibook?


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Feb 13, 2002
i'm thinking of getting my parents to buy me a new ibook 600 with the combo drive, 12". do you think now is a good time to buy? or will a new model be out soon?

also do you advise upgrading the ram or anything?

any feedback would be verrrrrrry appreciated :D


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
i think the iBook 12" is a great choice. I use the 600/DVD version that was available before Macworld. I would ALWAYS recommend RAM though. I put another 512 in this baby to max it out at 640MB. It makes me feel good to know that I won't be able to add any more RAM. Plus, since RAM is always the first thing upgraded, I'd rather not go through the upgrade process over and over again.

If you are primarily going to use OS X (which you should) then get as much RAM as they will buy you, but you will save ALOT of money getting it elsewhere. I got mine from OWC. Just make sure you get non-stacked SODIMM's that are 1.44" low-profile.


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Jan 6, 2002
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Perfect time :)

They iBooks were upgraded last month and are now avaliable in 14" screens.. Since these are new, I doubt they'll be pushing anything new inside until the summer expo... So its a great time...

I agree with the maxing out your RAM.. Its a great idea.


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Feb 13, 2002
do you think you could get your parents to buy me a new ibook too?
heehe cleo i just showed my mom your post - she says sure ;)

k well thanks for your advice — i'm gonna go order one from the apple store now. hope it won't take long to arrive though. . .


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Jan 30, 2002
Taylorsville, UT

Enjoy your iBook,

And if your mom wants to buy people computers, I will take one too!

Actually, I am waiting for my new iMac to arrive... it has shipped, but I think it is stuck in Alaska..... Fun....


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Feb 3, 2002

Hey, if your going for the iBook (great choice i might add) there's one thing i recommend.

Go with 12"!!! I know it seems like a downgrade, but that's what my sister bought and i play around with it all the time. The small factor is an incredible selling point. Plus, everything is still perfectly readable. Definately the 12"


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Oct 23, 2001
Why a 14"??

Other then a supposed 1hour longer battery life (which really means another ~40-45 minutes in reality) and a larger hand rest, can anybody tell me what real advantage the 14 " model has? It seems like a downgrade.. larger screen BUT same resolution, another pound heavier, wastes more space (bad for cramped airline seat use), costlier, and uglier (it just loses its cute factor when the keyboard has these borders around it because the keyboard didn't upsize to match the larger case). It just seems like a benal-bordering on stupid option when the whole point of a larger screen should be for higher resolution not larger pixels.. When you actually look at it, the 12" iBook has a higher resolution per square inch than the 14" or the PowerBook's 15" screen (more DPI). Can't Apple stuff the same DPI resolution into a larger screen instead of just stretching it out to fit a larger form? I hear that the PowerBook may be due to get just that, a higher resolution per real-estate screen, but no word on 14".


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May 9, 2001
My parents don't buy me things any more

Tell your mom to help a very nice guy from Venezuela and get me a G4 dual processor, it doesn't have to be the most expensive one, the one with 520MB of ram would be ok.

I could get it my self but today the dollar rise it 30%, that means our money (Bolivars not pesos) cost 30% less after 2 years. So, can you help me!:rolleyes:



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Jan 14, 2002
South Dakota, USA
Hey there I have an iBook 600 Combo 12.1" and love it. It is a quick little sucker. The screen is excellent and bright. I think the 14.1" might be nice for some things like watching a DVD or something like that...but the 12.1" works well too and it is more compact...which is a selling point. It is so easy to carry around and to use while on the road (while as a passenger...did not want you all to think I use my iBook while driving!) and in planes. It is a good choice for the $$$


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA

WAIT UP! Apple's Special Saving Store has the BRAND NEW 14" iBook with Combo drive for 1399! It is refurbished, but comes with a 1 year warranty!
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