New IBOOKS? Macworld NY


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Jul 5, 2001
Does anyone think there will be any new IBOOKS or UPDATED IBOOKS at the macword expo NY? and if I should wait on buying one till after or get one now?


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Jul 5, 2001
Holladay, UT
Of course

For a long time, I have been receiving hints pointing towards a colored iBook. They are supposedly going to release a number of colors to accompany the white.

I would wait if I were you, you'll just have to wait and find out for sure.


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Jun 25, 2001
Moneyapolis, Minnesota

why would apple have spent all that money producing and endorsing the new ibooks just to update them in 3 weeks???

why do i feel like the only intelligent apple user??


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Jun 7, 2001
Yes, I think they will introduce iBooks in different colors... but nothing more (no performance improvements)

Greetings from switzerland



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Apr 18, 2001
Why would Apple update them now?????? They never do iBooks in July.... That is usually done in September.... Apple has a pattern for their updates...... Go back to previous years.... Except for when Apple released those ugly blue dalmation and flower power iMacs in Feb.....

iBook just had its update..... no new colors...... the iMac will change colors to.... probably say goodbye to candy-colors.... looks like apple is changing to an iBook type of iMac (color-wise)

BTW.... if the iMac was to go flat.....they would use technology in the laptops......



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Jul 5, 2001
New iBooks are for real

They aren't really "new", but they will be colorful. Apple is going to release iBooks at MWNYC in two (maybe three) color schemes. This is 90% confirmed based on what I've been getting from my store's rep at Apple.

As for this whole nonsense about Apple 86ing the G3 chip, I don't know why people insist on perpetuating these rumors, but that's all they are. Apple is dedicated to using the PPC750 series processor in their consumer-grade products. The G4 chips are still expensive to produce and the G3 has yet to hit it's speed plateau. Besides, with all the new models coming out (G4 towers, iBooks & iMacs) Apple has had enough on their R&D plate for the last six months.



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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
No way

There is no way there is going to be new iBooks. They were just released. The G4 Tower and the iMac are the onely lines that are going to be on the new stuff list. If they do come out with the remored "son of Pismo" (and iBook with a bigger LCD) That would be cool... but very unlikly


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Jul 14, 2001
what if the new ibook is the new imac

I had a thought while reading all the "news" what if the "son of prismo" is the new imac??? That is to say why does the imac have to be a desktop if the laptops have the same specs? As we have seen steve is clearly making a case for mobile labs in schools and what better to push this than offering laptops that are more impressive than the 3 year old look of the current imac? If they keep the imac the same it makes the ibook/son of prismo more attractive to buyers... perhaps steve is playing his role as the best con of all time well... I mean best salesmen of all time.


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Jan 5, 2001
Sydney, Australia
Son Of Pismo = iMac

I thought exaclty the same thing about Son of Pismo, and Pricing is Possible on the iMac SE. A 14.1 inch iMac with a Powerbook Base that is larger to accomodate full size hard disks and PC133 Ram would work price wise.


NO WAY Are they going to revise the new iBook, EVEN WITH COLOURS. (Maybe lower price by little if anything at all)

I work in an AppleCentre and we would have a whole bunch of irate customers wanting diffferent coloured iBooks after buying there bland white models.

Its actually a good thing Apple Ditched different colours, It always seems everyone always wants the colour you don't have in stock. It would also be great for retailers and consumers alike to reduce the amount of colours of iMacs (or make colours people actually may buy), You would not believe how many FlowerPowers are going to have to be re-engineered in Indigo to get rid of them!

In saying it would be good for consumers, If apple only made popular colours, prices would be cheaper because Stock would clear faster and you wouldn't be left with problems like are facing the hoards of FlowerPower and Bluedalmation which will have to be sacrificed after macworld (more so the FlowerPower).

Maybe people would disagree with me, but this problem only happened after FP and BD colours were introduced. It was easy to sell someone a SAGE or RUBY when Indigo was out of stock. Try and sell someone a FlowerPower when they want a Graphite or Indigo!!!


If they made "Animal" iMacs, eg: Leopard or Cow Print, and changed the Start up sound to (eg) a 'Mooo' with a 'happy cow' icon, they could probably open up a big market. :))

Or maybe not