new iMac on


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Jan 7, 2002
Specs? Price?

What are the specs?

Does it have gigawire? Is it G4 or G5? Can it have superdrie?

What are the prices?

I've read in another thread that it ranges from $1299 Canadian to $1899 Canadian. so that's about $815 US to $1190 USD... seems a little low to me, not that I would be complaining :)

Is it worth all the hype and anticipation?

What's so special about it? Does this machine really go "where no PC has gone before"? "Full speed ahead"? Is it that fast? I'dl like to hear your opinion.


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Jan 3, 2002
other products...

I hope there's other new stuff as well.
In another thread someone has posted the following:

1. This one is BIG. Even by our standards -- 24" LCD Display

2. COUNT the days. COUNT the minutes. COUNT on being blown away -- Huge speed gains

Only makes sense. Everyone IS counting the days and minutes and figuring incredible speed gains could not possibly debut. Could we be shockingly surprised? I'm betting on 2Ghz or Dual 1Ghz+ topping out the high end of Apple's PowerMac lineup.

3. Beyond the RUMOR SITES. Way beyond. -- Portable Tablet & Docking station integrating wide range of wireless control, accessability, and interactivity with similar devices. Runs MacOS X.

4. It's like a BACKSTAGE PASS to the future -- iMusic, professional standard for digitally recording music in MacOS X.

5. To boldly GO WHERE no PC has gone before -- Airport2 or Gigawire (new cable technology 1.6-3.2Gbs standard data transfer rate)

6. Full Speed Ahead : Lust Factor TEN -- MacOS X.2

If that's all true it ll be huge.....

can't wait, 2 more hours.....



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Dec 30, 2001
Old news

Keep up guys, ure way behind. This stuff has been posted looong time ago. Chech for topics before u post something!!