New IMac User, Used G3 Machines

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by FishTails, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. FishTails macrumors newbie

    Oct 25, 2004
    I just bought 10 G3 IMac's from a school auction; however, I don't know anything about IMacs or Macs in general. I have 8 G3 400's slot loading blue with FireWire and 2 G3 333's Tray loading without FireWire. Both types have OS 9.2 running on them. I'm hoping that out of the bunch I can make myself a nice a setup for a beginner like myself. I have a lot of questions, but for now... I need to know a couple of things.

    Which books do you reccommend for me to learn using? If I don't have any operating disks for these computers and I'm tyring to save money to learn, what do you suggest? Why won't the computers accept my USB connection for my SecureDigital Data i.e. dosn't register it's there? What freeware and software would you suggest me placing on these IMacs?

    Maybe a Mac switcher
  2. jtgotsjets macrumors 6502


    May 20, 2004
    Lawrence, KS
    That's awesome! How much did those computers cost you?

    I'd keep one of the 400 mhz slot-loaders, those seem to be a large step up from the tray loaders.
    If you want, one of the slot loaders would run OSX fine, if you'd rather get to know Apple's current system.
    The old iMacs are still excellent computers, especially for learners. Not speed demons, but they work well enough.

    Your USB problem seems odd. It might be something as simple as checking the manufacturer's website for MacOS drivers.

    Have fun!
  3. Jalexster macrumors 6502a

    Jun 8, 2004
    Get Mac OS X. OS 9 is unsupported these days, and anyway, Mac OS X is a lot faster.

    Go to an Apple store, or pick it up from the online Apple Store.

    If you are planning to install it on a number of Macs, then get a Family Pack edition (you can install it on up to 5 that way). I'd start off with a normal edition.

    There is no difference between the family edition, and the standard edition, except for how many computers you can install it on. The only other edition of Mac OS X, is the Server edition. Believe me, you don't need that.

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