new imac with fusion drive- put windows on fusion or can I put on thunderbolt ssd

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by madeirabhoy, May 26, 2018.

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    got new iMac, and having not used bootcamp for years as my old Mac went powerful enough to play windows games, now I can.

    I have a 1tb fusion, sadly the only machine I could find as I live on a wee island in the Atlantic. I also have a thunderbolt 1 SSD, which I only bought recently and probably should sell on eBay. however I'm thinking maybe I could use that for my bootcamp and not reduce the fusion drive. is that possible?

    if not, is there a problem with putting it on a fusion drive?
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    There are other threads that give instructions for installing Windows on an external drive. Search for them. As for installing Windows on your Fusion drive, it's certainly doable. Given the choice, I would install Windows on that external SSD.
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    Installing BootCamp Windows on a fusion drive will partition and install Windows on the hard disk portion only, it will not utilize the speed advantage of the SSD based Fusion drive. There are many posts on installing Windows on an external SSD, and using a Thunderbolt drive will make it all easier for you (IMHO).

    Good luck ....

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