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    Nov 7, 2017
    I have always been an Android user, and I have also been an apple hater in the earlier days, just like all the ones you see online all the time. Why buy Apple when you can get more features for half the price with other brands?

    I realized I was young and stupid many years ago but I still didn't switch, usually because of hardware. The iPhone 4s still had tiny screens while Android had screen sizes we consider "normal" today. The iPhone 5s didn't have water resistance while the Galaxy S5 did. The iPhone 6s didn't have OLED screen, or a large screen to body ratio but the Galaxy S7 did.

    However, ever since I got an iPad 2, I knew iOS software was superior, I just couldn't swallow the penalty on hardware performance. Android fanboys and apple haters at this point often accuse me of not knowing how to use Android "properly" because apparently the "proper" way to use Android is to uninstall it and flash a custom ROM from XDA made by some random guy on the internet you've never heard of, and a bunch of other hacks made by other random dudes who's never met each other. And you're supposed to somehow trust that they will come up with a superior OS than Samsung, or for that matter, Apple.

    It sounds stupid and ridiculous, but that's because it is. I have tried it, I have used no less than 20 different custom ROMs on the Android devices I have owned and they all sucked for a variety of different reasons. I'll just list some of them for the laughs:
    1. There's a hack that turns the S7's earpiece into another loud speaker, iPhone 7 style. But it also makes the headphone jack volume insanely high and way more noisy.
    2. Custom ROMs with idiotic design choices that only appeal to 13yo boys with blue neon, black skulls and skulls made of green neon lights.
    3. Custom ROMs that makes your bluetooth connections drop.
    4. Custom ROMs that makes the phone processor go to deep sleep while you're listening to music on headphones.
    5. People that think you can improve audio quality by installing software on the phone.
    6. Same as above, but a software stolen from another phone, which has completely different chips.
    7. Same as above, but with multiple pieces of software of the same type, all stolen from different phones! AND THEY ARE ALL ENABLED AT THE SAME TIME BY DEFAULT! The audio quality was just distorted to ****.
    8. When you have a custom ROM running, anyone can restart your phone, and read all data from it with a PC. There no protection what so ever.
    9. Various power saving features that kill your apps in the background and they stop giving you any notifications.
    It has just been mostly terrible, and that is on top of all the issues with Android itself like:
    1. Up until only a few years ago, Android is incapable of showing your album art in full resolution. Instead they scale them all down to a tiny file with heavy JPEG compression, probably to "optimize" performance. On the other hand the iPhone has been able to do that with 1/50th the performance. This is what I hate the most with software from non-Apple companies. Oh it's too hard to optimize so we'll just not optimize it. Let's either throw more hardware at it, or reduce the quality.
    2. I am fluent in both English and Chinese and I have a need to type in both. This is actually very painful in Android because there isn't a keyboard that is good in both English and Chinese. All the good English keyboards have no Chinese support at all. And all the good Chinese keyboards have very bad English support. So you have to switch between different keyboards, which you do by first opening the notification drawer, and then tap the input switcher (which is only there when a keyboard is active) pick the keyboard you want, and then way a second for it to switch. It's just so slow. Where as on iOS I just use the default keyboard, sure it's not as good as the third party ones but it's like the difference between 93% and 98%. Where as on Android you would have to compromise down to like 40%.
    3. Some Apps can't be muted, or even affected by the volume controls. Also there are 4 different volume bars, you never know which controls which. I mean WTF? Why is this so complicated?
    4. Apps that require permissions they don't really need, and then refusing to work AT ALL if you don't give it to them. This is especially prevalent in China because there is no Google so no quality control what so ever. I was working at a company in China and they were trying to build an iOS app which got rejected, they had me translate the rejection and it said exactly that, you can't ask for permissions you don't use, and you can't threaten your customers into granting permission with refusing to work.
    5. Google doesn't exist in China so every time I go there everything is messed up, hours and hours of hacking, installing apps, migrating apps accounts etc...
    6. icons are just ugly, since there isn't an uniform design language, some apps have round icons, some have free form icons, some have rounded square icons, it's just a mess. You can install icon themses but they can never cover every app you use.
    7. Capacitive buttons suck, on-screen buttons suck even more.
    8. While many Android flagships have amazing cameras, some of which are even better than iPhones, I mean the S7 had definitively better camera than the iPhone 6s and 7. However as soon as you launch an app that isn't your stock camera app, everything feels the same as a $200 mid-range phone, because those custom camera interfaces can't take advantage of the advanced algorithms or hardware features your fancy phone has.
    9. I don't know how anybody looked at those lag in early Android phones, and thought that was acceptable.
    10. There is always some random app that says "3 hours in background, 35% used" when you check your battery and find that you have way less than you expected. Sometimes it's a third party app you don't want to uninstall. Sometimes it's just Google Play Services which you can't uninstall.
    So this year with the iPhone X, I can finally make the switch without and sacrifices in hardware. Well almost none. The wireless charging is super slow for some reason, and the autofocus isn't actually that great compared to my 2 year old S7 Edge. Doesn't bother me that much I always charge overnight I don't care how long it takes, and the iPhone camera is definately fast enough.

    Simply put, it has been the most satisfying phone purchase I have ever made, everything is just so perfect. When I got the S7 Edge, the screen isn't perfectly uniform and bottom is a bit more green than the top. The front camera is slightly misaligned with the hole, so is the rear camera, the sim tray doesn't sit perfectly flush with the frame etc...
    Not on the iPhone X, That's Apple quality control right there. Well except for how I ordered mine the second pre-order started and it still got delayed 10 days such that I had to get it from someone else for a bit extra, I didn't like that at all.

    This is what I have learned from Apple devices, the actual products always meets or exceeds your expectations. Whereas other products from other manufacturers give you just as high or higher expectations, but often fail to meet those, even if only by small margins. It makes all the difference. Examining your new Apple product you only find perfection like in those CG rendered ads. Examine your Samsung phone in detail you only find imperfections that aren't quite as you expected. Like how the microphone hole isn't in the exact middle of the frame but the sim tray open hole next to it is in the middle. Or how the holes aren't beveled and has tiny chips on the sharp edges. It just doesn't feel very good.

    At first I had my doubts with the iPhone X, I didn't think the home gestures would work because remember the Blackberry tablet? That was the first tablet with no buttons and they came up with this brilliant idea of having a different swipe on each side of the screen, and it was absolutely horrible.
    You wouldn't know how to use it because you don't know that it's swipe based, there are too many swipes to remember, and they trigger when you don't want to, but not trigger when you want to. Same thing with Windows 8. I was pretty sure Apple will mess it up with a button less design like that.

    Now having used it for a couple of days, it is just perfect. I have never once failed to activate home, or activated it by accident. there is plenty of room and a nice indicator so you can do exactly what you want reliably and accurately. I have to say it is better than the physical home button, super unexpected.

    Unlike many others I didn't have much of a doubt with FaceID, I understood how it works from the keynote so I wasn't asking stupid questions like can you use it in the dark or can you fool it with a photo. I knew what it could do (unlock while wearing makeup) and what it couldn't do (unlock while laying flat on a table), I tried it myself and I have to say it too, exceeded my expectations a little bit. I didn't expect a first generation tech to work this well, in any situation where the phone can see my face, it just unlocks before you can finish swiping, it's almost seamless, which is what the best technology should be like.

    Android fanboys be like, LOL ANDROID HAD FACE UNLOCK FOR YEARS. Yes they did and it has been absolutely horrible for years, and nobody used it. You can fool it with a photo, and it's not integrated into any of the apps, the ONLY thing it can do is unlock your phone.

    iOS is just great, you can control your volume with confidence, isn't that great? You can confidently click on videos and know that it won't make a sound because you are on mute. You also know that apps won't give you sound notifications when you are on mute as well! Isn't that AMAZING!?
    You can allow or deny permissions to any of the apps easily and without them refusing to work! Not that you'll need to because none of them ask for permissions they obviously don't need! INCREDIBLE!
    The OS actually gives you a keyboard that is usable! It's not absolute crap that you have to go for a third party solution! UNBELIEVABLE!
    Wait what you can also control exactly how and if each app give you notifications in a single menu!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?
    Best of all, you can easily with a toggle switch deny an app from running automatically in the background? WOWWOWOWOW!! And STILL get all the notifications!? JUST WONDERFUL! Not that you'll even need to anyway but isn't it ironic that the OS that desperately needs this feature doesn't have it?
    Let's see what else we got here:
    • Do not disturb actually works, fantastic!
    • A compass that works without having to do the embarrassing calibration thing in public.
    • Widgets that give you essential information without looking ugly in the home screen.
    • The best fastest browser, with 3D touch.
    • Shoot equally high quality images with any app
    • Conctacts that just works, without having to worry if a particular contact is saved in the SIM/phone/Google etc...
    • Color management. Shouldn't photos be displayed in the color space they are supposed to? Android disagrees, Android thinks everything should just be as over saturated as your display is capable of.
    • The app store doesn't recommend to you idiotic apps like fast charger, virus scanner, wifi booster, or system cleaners.
    Obviously I don’t considering the phone perfect, but at the same time I don’t understand how people complain about features and improvements they are too ignorant to appreciate, like color temperature, you’ve been looking at things that are too cool, the iPhone X is objectively more accurate, just get used to it, it’s better for you!
    • Like I mentioned before, I’m not impressed by camera autofocus, especially the telephoto lens.
    • FaceID doesn’t work in landscape, you have to rotate the phone around. Unlike the sitting on a table situation, this shouldn’t be a hardware limitation.
    • Getting music from your computer onto the device is still a pain, but I know most people would just use Apple Music and have no need to do this anyway.
    • Double click power button to confirm purchase is a little annoying because it’s such a stiff button. But I guess it makes sense because it’s the same operation as Apple Pay, so that it’s not so easily confirmed by mistake as the TouchID devices.
    • No fast charging in box.
    • The headphone dongle seems fragile.
    Honestly that’s all I can come up with in terms of imperfections, maybe Face ID can still be faster? If I really try I can still beat it by swiping up before it could finish. Android fanboys keeps saying Apple has bad battery life, that may have been true with the iPhone 6, but this new iPhone is definitely better than my S7 Edge which also has a much bigger battery. People also complain about the headphone jack, I just leave the dongle on my headphone and it works exactly the same as phones with the headphone jack, it just seems to me those people are complaining for the sake of complaining, there is no real difference.

    Oh right, the notch, I almost forgot about that because that’s how I feel about it, I don’t even notice it. In fact if I try to look for it I think it’s better for it to be there in portrait mode, it looks beautiful and only takes up otherwise wasted space. In landscape it is slightly annoying but then the entire screen is not so great anyway because it is so ridiculously wide in landscape, just don’t use it landscape, problem solved.

    I got myself an Apple silicone case, it costed me a finger on top of the arm and leg for the iPhone itself but I’ve learned my lesson, third party designers suck. even with my Samsung, my Samsung case was much better looking than any third party case. Should I drop the iPhone X repair will cost me yet another arm, definitely not very happy about that, and will actively try to avoid it.

    I don’t worship big companies that don’t care about me, I don’t care if my product is Apple or not, only if it is good. If Android can get their **** together some time in the future, or if Apple drops the ball I’ll switch in a heartbeat. Fanboyism is stupid, please don’t be a fanboy, pick the best product, regardless of alliegence, it helps the market be more competitive as well.
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    Great write up. Didn't mind the wall of text.

    I only have a tiny fraction of the Android experience you have, but last summer when I had to help my mother-in-law with some issues on her Android device, I was shocked at all the issues Android users put up with (banner ads in stock apps? wtf?). It's nice to see a thorough breakdown like this.
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    Aug 19, 2017
    Good read. I’ve never been an Android user and I’m sure it has many positives compared to IOS. It sounds like you’re very satisfied with your purchase and I’m sure you may find things you don’t like with IOS as time goes by. No OS is ever perfect but, I’ve never had any issues with an of the versions Apple has released. Sure there have been bugs but, nothing that have been deal breakers for me. Enjoy your new phone!
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    First iphone ever. Been using Ipad for a long time (ipad 4)........But come on with the home screen its soooo boring......Only 4 apps on the dock??? Why cant apple give us option to customized the home screen....Too bad Apple wont let 3rd party like Nova develop a launcher for iOS..... That will be a great day.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    Nice post. I too spent many years flashing rods on Android phones. Admit they can be challenging and dangerous to the unprepared. Helped many an XDA member get out of trouble after flashing a rom and not researching how to properly do it. But, it was the only way to get the latest OS. Never considered iPhones until my son talked me into it 4 years ago. Him and his wife have on owned Apple products for a couple decades. Now my wife and other son have iPhones also. I do think the OS is better and we find the "ecosystem" very much to our needs.
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    Fantastic write up and one of the best takedowns of Android I've ever seen. 100% correct on all counts.
    --- Post Merged, Nov 8, 2017 ---
    Part of the reason why Android is so shoddy is because Google allows everybody and their mother to develop for them and change so much of the user experience. If Apple gave that same level of control to devs, iOS would quickly go to s**t as well.

    I'm not saying Apple shouldn't "let go" a little bit - I fully believe they should - but the sheer amount of customization that's available on Android is subsequently the reason why it's such a terrible day-to-day experience in many cases. It's a lot of fitting square pegs into round holes.
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    Great honest read, •post of the month• material right here
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    That was a good read. I agree with everything you said about android quality! I learned my lesson with a OnePlus One, and promptly came back to Apple.
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    OP, I wonder how your experience would have been different with a Nexus or Pixel device; no root, no custom ROMs. Some of your listed issues are inherent with Android, and some of the other issues you unfortunately dug your self into. :( Curious if you ever tried stock Android on a Google branded (i.e. - Nexus or Pixel) device?

    I ask this, because ask a former iPhone user, I bought a Nexus 6P off of eBay almost a year ago and have been blown away since. No root, no customization. Just as-is, out of the box, no fiddling (just like an iPhone).
  10. 1096bimu, Nov 8, 2017
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    That has also been one of the reasons for me to not switch to iPhone. I have a habit of collecting wallpapers and lets just say most of them involve characters, which will get blocked by the icons on iPhone.

    However over the years I have found that it simply isn’t worth it, it is just so tremendously difficult to get a perfectly good looking 98% home screen with things like Nova Launcher and Kustom LWP. It’s doable yes but it takes hours and hours of tweaking. If you mess anything up like the margins, or shadows, or color of text, it looks stupid and instantly drops down to like 50%.
    Whereas on iOS sure the icons block my wallpaper but I only have to spend a few minutes rearranging them and get a good 90% look consistently.

    And I think that has been a reoccurring theme with Android, if you are just ultra dedicated to customization, theoretically yes you can put together a great experience, you can’t make Chrome as fast as Safari but you can streamline a lot of other things. But it just takes so long almost nobody will ever achieve that ideal, unless they simply have very low standards and poor taste.

    I have flashed ROMs that are essentially pure android as in AOSP, the problem is the camera app is **** and takes crappy pictures. As for the nexus and Pixel devices, they have basically had a tradition of fatal hardware problems so I really don’t want to touch them.
    The Nexus 6p had horrible plastic design, it was easily the most bendable phone of its time.
    The Pixel looked horrible, the bezels are huge, no wireless charging, no water resistance. And it was crazy expensive for all the things it didn’t have.
    The Pixel 2 still looks kind of lame, although not as ugly. Again no wireless charging, and the XL having the worst screen of the year while also being one of the most expensive devices doesn’t help at all.
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    Like you I come From the word of PCs and Android. I grew up on a DOS system (Apple II at first) and migrated to windows 3.11, 95, NT, 2k, ETC.... but when vista came out i decided it was time to look at a Mac.... I have built PCs Professionally, Supported them for fortune 500 companies, and worked in the industry longer than most of these Apple haters have been alive. I'm the guy PC using "Apple haters" hate to argue with because I can call BS on all of their claims and shut down their arguments. most of it is pretty flimsy and even the "Apple Tax" is pretty flimsy when you compare high end PCs.

    When it comes to phones... I started out with a Palm Pre and later Android... but it was Clear iOS was superior.

    welcome to the club
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    Feb 4, 2010
    Thank you for that. I used android for a season too then went back to Apple. It was fun while I had the phone and tablet.
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    Nov 7, 2017
    I needed to use a laptop in 2013 so I got my first Mac, it too was just phenomenal. I’m not interested in switching my desktop PC to a Mac because what I use it for, but the design of the Macbook and OSX was also an eye opener for me.
    My favorite is to ask Apple haters to come up with an equivalent PC product to the MacBook Pro, that is also cheaper.
    They could never do it because they start to realize that the PC product is either made of plastic, too thick, has lower specs, has less battery life, or more expensive.
    The gap is closing, I think the Microsoft Surface book is extremely cool. But usually apple haters are only interested in low quality plastic notebooks because that’s the only thing they can afford.
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    Cincinnati OH
    I'm sorry i didn't read your entire post (I will eventually) but you made some good points. I bought an S8+ recently and used it for a few weeks before I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of switching over (all my family and friends are on Apple hardware).
    But there were some really nice features on the Android platform that I think Apple could easily implement and it would make big improvements:
    1 - trusted devices - when connected to a user-defined trusted device (e.g. - air pods, car BT, home wi-fi) - don't lock the device. I really liked that feature.
    2 - per app screen rotation settings. I normally keep my phone locked in portrait mode but when viewing pics or vids, I have to unlock it to let the screen rotate based on the physical orientation. In the settings, you should able to set this on a per app basis (apps more or less have to abide by your setting now) or at least build in the setting for Apple's own apps like email, photos, contacts, calendar, etc.
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    Jul 28, 2012
    You clearly never used a Nexus 6P or a Pixel 1 or 2.
    Did you ever own one? I bought one USED, and it wasn't bent in the slightest. This thing feels very premium. Haven't personally bent it yet.
    The Pixel 2 is missing some flagship features such as wireless charging, I will give you that.


    The point I'm making is this: you had some terrible years with Android it sounds like. But what did you expect, flashing custom ROM's, launchers, the whole nine yards? My first Android phone was an HTC Incredible. It worked great, up until i started trying custom ROM's. It absolutely ruined that phone for me and I RAN to the iPhone 5.

    Recently, I wanted to see what things were like on the other side of the fence, so I jumped back to Android. It's freaking amazing. As mentioned, I'm using a Nexus 6P out-of-the-box, pure Android direct from Google's servers, and it is a joy. Nexus or Pixel (stock) compared to iPhone is a more apples-to-apples comparison than comparing a rooted Samsung device to an iPhone.

    I'm stoked that you enjoy your new iPhone X. I kind of want one myself! I hope you really enjoy it. :) And I hope that perhaps at some point in the future, you'll give Android another try, as Google intended (i.e. - Pixel). You might be surprised. Cheers.
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    Nov 7, 2017
    1. I’m prett sure this would make the device dramatically less secure. I used this feature as well, I don’t really care about the security but I understand why Apple wouldn’t do it. I also think it is the right thing to do, which is sometimes not the more convenient thing to do.
    2. I remember using some custom ROMs with that feature, I think it goes against the minimalistic design language Apple has. If an app is not good in landscape then it simply shouldn’t have a landscape mode, that’s what I imagine Apple would say.

    Nexus 6P durability:

    This thing has a soft aluminum skin and just pure plastic inside.
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    Mar 7, 2009
    Nothing has changed!

  18. LIVEFRMNYC macrumors 604

    Oct 27, 2009
    This is yet another one of those passive aggressive jabs at Samsung/Android thread. As both an iPhone and Android user from day one, I can honestly say most of the criticisms that you listed is either bogus, user ignorance, and user error.
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Sarajevo, Bosnia
    I've been iPhone user for 10 years. Just switched to a S8 and now I see what I was missing all these years.
  20. 1096bimu thread starter macrumors 6502


    Nov 7, 2017
    Can you give an example?
  21. LIVEFRMNYC macrumors 604

    Oct 27, 2009
    I give you one, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna dissect the entire wall of text.

    You have manual control over this. You can set specific app never to sleep , or to sleep right after you close, set x amount of unused time until sleep, and etc.
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    Jul 11, 2008
    Cincinnati OH
    That's the great thing about's user's choice. If you enable it and someone jacks your phone, you're liable. Not Apple. No different then choosing not to set a password or allow the device to lock.
  23. dazz87 macrumors 65816

    Sep 24, 2007
    another example........when you swipe right you get the widgets......Why cant i shrink the widgets down a bit so i could fit more widgets on the screen? Like the battery widgets you get this huge ass widget............ Its 2017 come on Apple!
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    Nov 7, 2017
    Yes you do, absolutely. The problem is when you want an app to deliver notifications, it can't be closed at all. A timer feature makes no difference.

    And you don't have to tell me about crazy hacks with root and Xposed, I know them all, I have been using Android from the very beginning. Sure it is possible to get things working just right, but guess what I don't have the time or patience, especially considering how you have to start over each time you upgrade.
    And yes I know about titanium backup as well, it's also a pain in the ass to use.

    Which is way more aesthetically pleasing than the random arrangement on Android. The problem with android widgets is that there is no uniform design language much like the icons. None of the widgets fit together and it just all looks like a mess. The iOS solution is way more elegant.

    But I know some people don't seem to be very sensitive to aesthetics, maybe android is for them.

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