New Iphone, which carrier.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Gaprofitt, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Hey All,

    Looking for some advice. I currently expense my phone at work and i own it. It's the Iphone 5 16GB on Verizon. I can expense $100 a month. I'm probably going to Ebay it when the 5S/5C comes out and expense the $125 term fee.

    I'm looking to max my investment for $100 with good coverage and decent data. Currently I have unlimited minutes and 2GB of data and I could use 4GB of data, the overall bill is about $115. Obviously Verizon isn't the cheapest. I am eligible for an upgrade and discounting pricing minus a $30 fee. Not sure if it will be $199/$299/$399.

    Should I stick with Verizon or ditch them for say Tmobile or Sprint to get more data for my money? I am in metro Atlanta.

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    T-mobile's awesome in Atlanta. I pay $110 for two iPhone 5's. One with unlimited data and the other with 2.5 GB.

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    T-Mobile if you plan on staying in major Metro cities. Their LTE is wicked fast and only expanding and getting faster.

    Sprint (that says Sprint) if you want a mix between coverage/price and speed. They have decent LTE coverage in some major cities (but they are deploying LTE in smaller markets first, which is strange.) Their prices are okay. They just need to work on speed.

    AT&T has very high prices, but you do get great 4G HSPA+ and LTE coverage (yes, I said it, AutoUnion39.)

    Verizon has MASSIVE LTE coverage, but it is getting very congested. They have very high pricing, like AT&T.

    It all comes down to who has the best coverage/speed in your area and where you travel frequently.

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