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Aug 23, 2001
I have the iPod and was wondering when the updated iPod would be released. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Jan 4, 2002
Austin, TX
Maybe this summer

I heard from someone who works at Apple and they claim an iPod w/10 gig. this summer.

Now that could mean MWNY or around then. Seems rather far off if they can get a larger HD for near the same price as a 5 gig. The ramp up production costs should be wiped out by now, they need merely make a part switch.

I would guess Spring personally for a 10 gig. and possibly a new file format supported (one of the "new" MP3-killer formats or maybe WMP).

Utter speculation on my part. But it will definately be upgraded at SOME point. Just don't buy one right before an Expo!

I think they should have 2 options the original iPod for 299 and a 10gb HD model with radio aka iRadio, this would be 450 this would be so cool and people would flock to it. (They should add Wintel compatibility.)

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Sep 21, 2001
iWalk myth~

You heard wrong.

People were also falsely calling the mythical iPad/iPDA iWalk. Neither is true. Sorry.


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May 8, 2001
Re: iWalk myth~

Originally posted by GadgetLover
You heard wrong.

People were also falsely calling the mythical iPad/iPDA iWalk. Neither is true. Sorry.
Don't be so sure.... you'll be surprised.:)


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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
iHave an iWalk in my iPocket right iNow. iAm going to iPost iPictures of iT online for you all to iView.

anyways, back to the topic...

Updated iPods sometime in april, or early May would be nice (right around my birthday :D ) I assume that they would have a 10gig model, for the same price, and maybe drop the price on the 5gig model if they keep it. Some other added features would be nice, but if Apple puts too much into it, it will come out as an overdeisgned, complex, digital do-hickey, like every other mp3 player.

As far as support for other types of audio, the iPod is made so that it can be updated, which means support for newer music formats for at leas a year or two, before it really becomes outdated. Although, in another year, you may be able to get 20gb of sram (better than SDRAM) for 20 bucks, who knows?

Anyways, I'm just saving up my money, waiting for any update, or something like that soon.

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Mar 2, 2002
Suggestions for second iPod

The reason for the price of the iPod to be so high is because the hard drive in it is 1.8 inches. That brings the price way up.

True, I would expect to see another iPod at MWNY (or sooner) with a 2.5 inch 10GB Hard Drive. The price would be lower, but the actual iPod would be a little bigger.

eye, I do have the iPod, and it gets scratches very easily. When you purchase one, I would suggest getting a cover. This website should work.

Just go to Cases and Clips.

P.S. I have already showed the iPod to a PC user. The reply: "I want one." Every PC user should say and do that.


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Does anyone know how many iPod's have been sold so far??

As for the iwalk thingy... I don't run, so I must iwalk :D... unless I am being chased by something truely nasty, and forgot both my gun and towel at home... always bring your towel :D


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Oct 25, 2001
10 GB iPod

Japan would be the perfect place to introduce the 10GB iPod.

A couple months ago, Toshiba announced 10GB and 20GB versions of the drive that the iPod uses. Also, note that the price of other devices that use the 5GB drive have fallen dramatically.

Combine that with various software update rumors...

All signs point to 10GB iPod at MacWorld Japan. Look for the 5GB iPod to continue being sold, as well at a reduced price.

Note: What else would Steve be introducing at MacWorld Japan? Steve has to have something bigger than a laptop upgrade...