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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by DanTheMan, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. DanTheMan macrumors member

    Jun 21, 2004
    Los Angeles, CA
    Well they finally announced the BLACK U2 iPod as well as the iPod Photo. Check the site for the specs.
  2. stevehaslip macrumors 6502a


    Apr 30, 2004
    The Ocean Floor
    It would be better if it was all black with a white click wheel, im not a big fan of the red. Its got all their signatures on the back so even if someone didn't know it was the U2 iPod they would as soon as they turn it around. Its different which is a good thing but it imediately says "i like U2", sorry i mean "i like U2 enough to fork out for a limited editio iPod"

    Do you think that this will spark a trend for other limited edition iPods?
  3. Nspace macrumors regular

    Jul 13, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    It is kind of a shame... a few months ago they release a new ipod, new battery life. And then they release this with a colour screen and even more battery life.

    If they can do that I am assuming they can obviously greatly extend the life of the normal screens...

    Ahh well you can view photos on a digital camera and flash media is cheap...
  4. BrianKonarsMac macrumors 65816

    Apr 28, 2004
    who wants to see pictures? give me mpeg-4 damnit!

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