New Laser Printer Recommendations Needed

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    As noted on the Panther page, my HP LaserJet 2100 is unable to communicate with my 1.42 PM since 10.3 was installed. (a good 10 hours working on the problem at this point - old drivers out, new drivers in, delete and replace countless times, etc., etc.). It seems to me that 10.3 doesn't recognize the HP Connectivity Card in the HP's EIO slot (which added the USB port to the printer). (it used to be that people said that they had an xp system for gaming - I may need one for printing... so sad) ANYWAY -

    We're thinking of just getting a new printer at this point - what to get?

    The range is B/W or Color around the HP 2300 ($659) to the Xerox 4400n (around $1100.00 - but some places cheaper on the net) or maybe even the 1200 x 1200 color laser CL3000 by Ricoh ($1300 but a $200 rebate right now). What have folks had good luck with their Macs? It seems that HPs are often having problems (had problems under 10.2.x, lots of discussion on Apple support boards, etc.) Any feedback on what has worked well for you in this range would be appreciated.


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