New mac, burner problems!


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Jan 7, 2002
I just got a "new" iMac, 500MHz G3 20 gig HD 384Megs of ram 16MB graphics card, with CD-RW. any ways i set up OS X on it and put some songs in iTunes then i tryed to burn a CD, after 3 errors (each half way through burning the CD) i gave up. it shows a error window "unknowen error occured (-50)"
what is up with that?

its a new computer! (never been opend b4, sraight out of the box) why is this happening? any help would be appretiated.
its gone through 3 CD's and im not willing to waist any more. i thought that the internal iMac CD-RW would work with iTunes, it does on my friends iMac.
i tryed to do a hardware check and it dosent check the optical drive, i tryed to slow down the burning to 2X but no avail, same error message.
please help!:confused:


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Jul 7, 2001
Simple solution...return policy. Where did you buy it? If it was from a retail store, tell them and usually they will give you an even exchange if it is within the return policy. If not, call apple, have them fix it, and buy applecare.



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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Is everything up to date on it??? Run the software update feature to make sure. You also might want to pick up the latest version of Toast (5, retail) and give that a go. I have had much better results with Toast then the Apple burning software.

You could also give a call to Apple and see if it is a known issue, or if they have any recommendations/fixes for it.