MP 7,1 New Mac Pro Supports Reference Monitoring Out of the Box

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    Big news for colorists and other film professionals. I just spoke with an insider and he told me that the new Mac Pro will be able to output to the Apple Pro Display XDR as a reference display without a Decklink or Ultrastudio box. This wasn't clear during Apple's keynote but it's now confirmed that Thunderbolt is all that's needed. This is HUGE because it will save us another $1,000-$3,000 (depending on the card or box) on top of the money we'll save by not having to buy a Sony or Dolby reference display!

    People keep complaining about the price of the Mac Pro, but for us professionals, it's stuff like this that actually saves us money and cleans up our workflows! It also frees up a PCIe slot for other cards. So great!
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    To clarify, for those who don't understand such workflows: On the trashcan Mac Pro, this is what was needed in addition to the $30k-$50k monitor, in order to actually use the monitor as a reference display in 4K: But the new Mac Pro doesn't need this anymore because it has the feature built in!
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    This is grate!! It is sorta-mentioned on Apple's american website but its not very clear. There has been lots of talk at work about the Pro Display XDR being a glorified interface display because it doesn't have SDI or Decklink support.
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    Yeah, Blackmagic is working with Apple so that Thunderbolt replaces any need for SDI!

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