New Macbook Aluminium £515 good deal?


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Mar 25, 2009
Is the aluminium Macbook base model for £515 a good deal. I am a Uni Student so could wait and get the new mbp and ipod touch deal later would this be better?
many thanks


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Feb 22, 2010
Well, to be honest i find this to be a "good" deal, its not too great but its not bad either, its about 700 US $, and that's pretty good, but the base macbook pro 2010 price could be close to 1100$, and you could get an ipod touch with the deal, so its kinda like paying 100$ or so for far better specs, so in that respect its better to wait, but if you notice there is a lot of "could be" in that logic, so its hard to say whats going to happen, because no one really has any idea at this point. im waiting for sure, because i need the power to run the programs i want to use, so the old macbooks wont be sufficient for me, but if you decide that its a good deal for what you need the laptop for, then by all means go for it man!!