New MacBook, old iPod, music on external hard drive - LOTS OF PROBLEMS! Help!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Bessielove, Dec 7, 2008.

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    Dec 7, 2008
    I apologize for being technically challenged, but here are my problems. I have a new MacBook and decided this time around to store my music on an external hard drive (Freeagent). I am not having any problems doing that. I added my old iTunes library and have added some new music since the switch. Up until today, I have not tried to hook up my iPod and get the new music from my Freeagent. The first problem is that I only have 2 usb connections and three to plug in to make the connection between iPod and Freeagent. But, I have searched around and think that I should invest in a usb hub. Second problem, is that I hooked up my iPod to my computer and it says that this iPod is set up with another computer/iTunes. Ok, how do I change it to this computer? Then I thought, I should change the iPod to manual syncing. After investigating how to do that I realized that that is not an option in the summary section of my iPod. I can only choose to open iTunes when my iPod is connected and sync only checked songs etc. So, how do get to manually manage my iPod. I have all my old iTunes music on there and only want to add the new stuff from my Freeagent. So that leads me to my last problem. Assuming I have the usb hub, how do I transfer music from the Freeagent to my existing iPod? I do a lot of searching around for answers to my questions and usually find the answers on some discussion board. This time I cannot find the exact answers I need. Please help. I am trying to be technological and struggling!!:confused:
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    You can set up your iPod to be authorized on 5 different computers, if I remember correctly.
    So no problem there.

    Manual Synching is set in the .... tab (I have no iPod right now to look) of the iPod interface, when the iPod is connected, not in Preferences. But be aware, that if you set it to manually sync, all the music on the iPod right now will be erased (whyever). You can use Senuti to copy your iPod's music to your computer.

    If you use a USB hub, nothing connection wise changes. If the Freeagent is self-powered, and you connect drive and iPod to the hub, the iPod can be used normally.

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