New Macbook Pro's before Christmas?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by macdudesir, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Jan 16, 2011
    I was just curious because I'm getting a Macbook Pro for Christmas without a doubt but ide be a LITTLE disappointed if the liquid metal Macbook Pros came out in Jan. or Feb. Im not worried about Ivy Bridge this years Macbook Pros are plenty fast...i just want Liquid Metal and Optical Drive out. Anybody think this might be possible?

    P.S. i realize i sound a little spoiled with the being disappointed if i got a MBP for christmas and then new ones came out...Im not, I'm just a person who suffers from HUGE buyers remorse...Every single computer i buy..Oh why didn't i save 200 bucks for the faster one :l...anyway, enough rambling...
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    Well what if the new ones do come out, and seem amazing, but are riddled with problems.

    Or the newly designed ones may be perfect as is.

    Or the new design could come in mid 2012.

    I wish you could do what I'm doing and get one now, and play the waiting game to see what happens when the new ones are released. Then you could wait for the second refresh after the new design, sell yours for a good price, and upgrade.
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    I seriously doubt there will be any new design before Ivy Bridge. I also believe that we will have to wait longer than till Jan/Feb for Ivy Bridge. It would be suprising if everything went so perfectly smooth. April or something around that time is more likely.

    What is very likely however until christmas is a little CPU refresh.
    Switching 2720 for 2760 and 2820 for 2860. The 60s are both 200Mhz faster than the older models.
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    There's no such thing as a "liquid metal MacBook Pro" and I seriously doubt there ever will be.

    No, you will not see a new MacBook Pro until Early-Mid 2012.
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    Obviously i realize these are just rumors but everything is with Apple...

    Ha believe me i wish i could too lol :D
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