New mini ipod, or stick with 2Gen ipod for working out?

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  1. whw5 macrumors regular

    Feb 27, 2004
    It is my birthday, and I think that I might be able to get a new ipod mini for it. I have a ipod 2gen but the only probablem is that it is impossible to work out, or run with. I always have to use my mom's. Do you think its worth it to get the new mini or just stick with the ipod 2Gen and not have it to work out. I run about 4 miles a day so I don't think that is really an option. Does anyone know how long the backorders for the mini are?
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    Mar 16, 2004
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    You might or might not know that Newsweek's next cover story is the new iPod.

    It looks to be a compromise between the current iPod and the mini. Apple should be announcing it Monday or Tuesday (as the Newsweek hits the stands tomorrow), and might indicate pricing and availability then.

    The new iPod should suck up some of the demand for the mini, so you'll benefit either way if you buy either 'Pod - plus, prices on the current 3G ones should drop.

    So... if you can, I'd wait a day or two to see what happens. It might help you make up your mind!
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    from the newsweek ipod thread (
    "Lower price.
    The top-of-the-line iPod, holding 10,000 songs (40 gigs, as geeks will tell you), now costs $399. The lower-capacity model, with room for 5,000 songs (20 gigs), costs $299. That's a $100 price reduction for each. (There's no more 15-gig model.)"

    its from what appEARS to be the newsweek article.

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