New Mobil Phone


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Feb 14, 2005
mkrishnan said:
This is a big issue that's kept me from far, I refuse to buy a phone that has bluetooth and won't sync that way.... Well, maybe I'll eventually lighten up. But I'd rather if American WSPs would lighten up instead and just leave the BT feature set alone.... :(
Yeah, I am hoping they will add a software update or something for the bluetooth. I think my bluetooth keyboard I am typing on does more than the blackberry. They have recently added yahoo messenger, which means they are starting to see that they need to offer more features pretty quickly. Besides these complaints, I am very impressed with the push email technology..


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Feb 24, 2005
Pasadena, Ca
LeeTom said:
I highly recommend the Sony Ericsson T610/T616 or T630/T637. Great phones with an interface to match, and they sync up wonderfully with Bluetooth and iSync.

Lee Tom
I agree, i have the t637, its an awesome phone with all kinds of features, but as far as the camera goes, it just isn't anything of quality.


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May 10, 2004
Damnit, why do I always need a new phone when there are updates due?

I'm getting an insurance replacement for my washed T610 (a T630, since it's been so long!) - and I'm giving it to my partner for her pay n' go. I figure it's better for us both to have BT and backed up contacts on my Powerbook.


The only SE phones available are K700i, cheap, but poor reviews, the V800 - really bloody expensive, 3G (too much) - and the S700i, Vodafone only, and also expensive. My requirements are iSync'in Bluetooth, and a decent spec camera -- ie, 1.3mp+. Doesn't have to be SE, I suppose - but I like their style. I admit to knowing nothing about Nokia or others.

The SonyEriccson website cites K750i as "coming soon". I don't want to go into a 12 month contract with an outdated phone the week after, especially since it's likely to be a straight swap in their product matrix :eek: :(

I'm in all a quandry, and should be writing my dissertation, too. Any advice? :eek: