New Okito Composer! Replace M$ Office


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May 19, 2002
Northallerton, England
Just to let everyone know that you can now purchase Okito Composer at a special intro rate of $39. Composer is still in it's development stage (version 0.42 at the moment) but offering support now can help get this app to the market. It has the potential to be a great word processor. Okito have some great features lined up. I have now ditched Microsoft Office and have gone with Okito, Mesa, Daylite, Accounts and Omnigraffle. All Cocoa apps, great interfaces and they represent better value for money (As a student it has cost me about £100 or $160) . Has anyone tried Composer yet? What do you think? If not try it and give them some


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Nov 28, 2001
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Im trying it out now. looking good. window resizing is agony, but by and large it has given me a good first impression. ill try it out for a few days and really get to know it.

also i couldnt find those other apps you mentioned on could you give us links to those as well. id like to know what you are tlking about. omnigraffle has unseated adium as my favorite app, so if the others you mention are even half as good id be pleased.

btw i sent ane mail to the address you listed with MR.

[also note i edited the thread title since it wasnt getting too much attention, hope you dont mind]


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
That's a nice looking app, it seems pretty well thought and laid out, may as well give it a go...try to avoid M$ for a while...
Thanks for the link :)
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