New PB help (URGENT!!!)


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Aug 12, 2002
I just got home to the US and my waiting PB SD 1GB (part of the November 30th shipment). I turn it on and have only gotten to the form where i fill in the registration info and the right side fan comes on. Kind of high pitched whiney sound. the computer sat and went to sleep without any apps being opened. Came back and the fan was out. Three minutes after waking up it came back on. then downloading the system updates and the second (middle fan) came on first low then full speed. then restarted after system update was done and both stayed on full blast. Is this normal?? What do your systems do?? I only have a couple of days for the 10 day return period, what do you guys think??????????

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Nov 1, 2001
Are you close to an Apple Store? If so you might want to bring it in just in case - it doesn't sound good.

See if it continues to act strange and if in doubt call Apple Support and tell them what's going on.

Good luck.



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Aug 12, 2002
on duke street, the big apartments right next to the federal court house where massoui is being tried

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I've been browsing the MacNN forums, and the fan issue has been brought up several times...

I'll search for the forums. Can't remember, but it seems to be a bug in the first batch...the second batch that came out after December 6 seems to have fixed that problem.

Hold on, let me look.

Ok, here's one thread to look at:


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Jul 18, 2002
Wow i was considering buying a new tibook to replace my rev A. but after reading all this i am gonna reconsider. I couldnt deal with a loud computer, when my second fan starts blasting on my tibook now i walk away for a little while till it turns off.


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Oct 28, 2002
Have you read a book today?

Read the section in your manuals that accompanied your Powerbook that discusses how to set up your Powerbook. Sleep Functions, Backlighting, discspindown, and a whole lot of other fun things are controlled by your Power Management Unit and Battery's callibration.

You MUST make sure your battery is callibrated properly, which it may not be if you didn't follow the instructions carefully in the manuals that accompanied your Powerbook.

If you're in a panic, remember Apple has the best support around. Don't hesitate to ask them for help. You're still well within warranty.

It would not be normal for the fan to just run randomly or continuously. It's probably just that you need to properly set up your TiBook.



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Sep 26, 2002
The Tyson's Store is Awesome

I just visited there, my first trip to an Apple store. I know it's not like the New York store or anything, but I was impressed. Plus you can go to PF Changs after...
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