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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Glossybear, Apr 16, 2003.

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    Oct 1, 2002
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    Ahem... I was lame when I got my new powerbook and failed to read through the instruction manual, so I missed the bit about calibrating the battery.

    I have been getting about 2.5-3 hours(this is what the OS estimation is not actual time) on a full charge with powersaving on, 1/2 brightness, BT off, AP on. I decided to try and calibrate last night, so I charged it to 100% then unpluged it and ran it down until it went to sleep. I then plugged it in and got the orange glow on the plug and woke it from sleep. After that all sorts of wierd things started happening.

    First the OS would never calculate the time left on the battery, and wouldn't show the PB as charging even though the plug was orange and the LEDs on the underside showed it charging. Then the PB would goto sleep if I un plugged it.

    After leaving it to charge overnight and rebooting all the wierd issues are gone (as far as I can tell) but it seems like the battery capacity is LESS.

    I remember reading SOMEWHERE about a preference file for the battery that if deleted increased battery life, as well as an app that could help.

    Any sugestions about getting the most from the battery?
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    Jan 22, 2003
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    Check Apple for updates. Search this site for this topic.

    Then completely power-cycle your battery (discharge and then recharge). This is good battery maintenance anyway (despite the claim that the new batteries have no-memory). Contact Apple and tell them that there definitely seems to be a problem if the problem persists. Act early and get it documented, it may help you down the line if you have to contact Applecare.

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