[New Release on AppStore] EleEditor, an Easy Way to Manage Your Evernote®


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Mar 31, 2013
Hi all,

We're Kdan Mobile Software, and here's our newly-released app, EleEditor. EleEditor brings you dynamic note-editing features to level up your Evernote® experience. EleEditor gives you a rich editing environment to process notes in Evernote® and customizes them with your own layout design, image sizes, text styles, drawings and annotations. Your note is not just Evernote®; it’s a note with a new life. You get to take advantage of EleEditor’s strong editing tools and make changes to whatever you save in Evernote®

★ App Information
Price: 2.99USD
Category: Productivity
Version: 1.0
Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese
Requirement: iOS 5 or later
Launched Date: 2013.06.19
EleEditor Product Page
EleEditor on iTunes

★ Video Tutorial

★ Main Features
>> Works seamlessly with Evernote®, also support off-line editing
Drag and drop your Evernote® materials into EleEditor Scrapbook. Everything you saved on Evernote® can be extracted to EleEditor. Yes, that includes all of your notebook, tags, and multi-media files.​

>> Organize Evernote®elements with the Scrapbook is Easy
Visualized content management in the Scrapbook. View materials in thumbnails and screenshots. You can also search the notes titles by entering key words.​

>> Bring in On-line Content with the built-in browser
Crop and save web pages into the Scrapbook.​

>> Flexible Editing Tools, Evernote® Makeover
EleEditor is all about editing! Adjusting image size, inserting the text boxes in different fonts, making annotations, and sketching- all can be done in simple gestures.​

>> Share and Backup the easy way
EleEditor supports the following back-up options:
1.Cloud back-up: Dropbox, BOX, FTP, WebDAV, MyDisk, SugarSync.
2.Export notes to PDF format and save back to Evernote®.
3.Share via email.​

★ Screenshots

Fully compatible file format with NoteLedge. Retrieve and process your works further in NoteLedge with even more editing options.

Please visit our website for more information
Kdan Mobile Software



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Mar 31, 2013
EleEditor Upgraded to Enhance Your Evernote Fun

Hi all,

Find out more about EleEditor v1.0.1 on iTunes.

New Features:
- Add option to save notes with Evernote tags
- Add option to save notes to Evernote notebooks
- Improve overall efficiency

Visit our product website


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Mar 31, 2013
Sporting a sharp new look!

Hi all,

Have you noticed that EleEditor just got a new look?
Check out on iTunes.

EleEditor sets the standard for Evernote lovers by winning the People's Choice Award in Evernote Devcup 2013!
Hit Top 5 in the US, Canada, France, and Japan Apple App Stores


EleEditor allows you to dynamically enhance your Evernote® files. Sift and sort through your Evernote® and export key points to EleEditor. Embellish your materials in new notes with the flexibility to adjust layout, image size, font, characters, and add hand-written notes. Make your Evernotes accessible anytime and anywhere using multiple cloud back-up services. Save the new notes back to Evernote with tags and notebooks, or backup your notes to other drives. Make the best use of Evernote® data and convert jumbled information into polished documents with EleEditor.

Key Features:
Organize Evernote® elements with the Scrapbook
>> Collect elements from multiple Evernote® notes
>> Preview Evernote® elements in thumbnails in the Scrapbook sidebar
>> Preview website contents and capture screenshots
>> Searchable note titles

Flexible Editing Tools, Evernote® Makeover
>> Drag elements from the Scrapbook and create new notes of your own style
>> Sketch with adjustable size, color, opacity and eraser
>> Moveable text box, with adjustable fonts, size, color, bold and italic style
>> Annotate your notes and add captions to your photos or videos
>> Adjustable image size
>> Flexible layout. Move inserted items to your desired location easily

Bring in On-line Contents
>> Browse websites in the built-in browser
>> Crop and save web pages into the Scrapbook

Share and Backup with the Easy Way
>> Back up your notes to a wide selection of cloud services including Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, Google Drive, MyDisk, SugarSync, FTP and WebDAV
>> Export notes to PDF format and save them back to Evernote or share notes via E-mail
>> Fully compatible file format with NoteLedge. Retrieve and process your works further in NoteLedge with more editing options

Works seamlessly with Evernote®
>> Preserve tags and Notebooks created in Evernote®
>> Extract texts, images, videos, audios and website links from Evernote® to the Scrapbook at ease
>> Save your works to Evernote® in PDF format with searchable texts.
>> Support offline note editing. You need to connect the Internet to access Evernote contents