New superfast AirPort?


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Jan 28, 2002
does anybody know when Apple might release a new AirPort? The 802.11a products are already out w/ other companies, so what is taking Apple so long? Are they going with 802.11g?



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Jul 27, 2001
10 Minutes from Disneyland
i have a feeling we'll see something with all the wireless technology in july for MWNY....and some new iMac stuff too...the new iMac is cool, i'll give it that, but that graphics card isn't what i thought it would be....back to wireless, the current airport base stations themselves COULD go alot speedier, like OSX, but for some reason (ok, stability) the connections are slower than is possible. but yes, i think the newer standards will be used very soon, if not july, then september/october time....
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