New Ti powerbook is making me crazy!


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Howdy all~
I need some help because my beautiful Ti is making me nuts!

The spacebar squeaks like a mouse when I use it typing.

Now I am not sure why this is happening,?

Now do I need a new keyboard or should I oil it>

What the hell am i supposed to do,
besides calm down,, LOL


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Jul 10, 2001
0, do pry it off...

the keys do actually come off quite easily. i've had a couple of keys that got spongy on my powerbook for some reason and i just took them off and re-inserted them. it does take a little coaxing to get them off without breaking, so if you want to make absolutely sure you don't bust something take it back to where you bought it and have them do it for $50 ;)


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
Chill out Bubba... If you are still under warranty (either the first year, or three if you got the AppleCare plan) call Apple. They will probably have you do one or two things and if it doesn't fix it, they will provide a replacement keyboard (or tell you where to take it to get one). With a case number, things get a hell of a lot easier. I believe that the keyboards are one of Apples user-installable parts... Since the call is free, it would be much better then traveling to someplace only to have them do the same thing, and potentially charge you for something you can do yourself.


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Jan 6, 2002
Hey if your TiBook is driving you nuts I will gladly trade even for my iBook 366 (JP)


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Jan 6, 2002
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Speaking of prying keys off... I have a black Apple Pro k/b and my sister has a white one... it's fun making patterns swapping them around :)

If anyone else has access to the two opposite colour k/bs, a good trick on a birthday is to spell 'happy 21st' (or however old they are) across their k/b. Simple, but it gets a great reaction once they work out what the hell is going on


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Mar 12, 2002
BrisVegas, Australia
yeah, thats good fun, as long as you know the person well enought to know what will annoy them. i know a couple of people who would not be happy at that sort of thing.;)