New to Apple have a MBP 15.4 2.4 unibody

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Martini85, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Martini85 macrumors newbie

    Mar 23, 2009
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    Ok I bought a Macbook Pro 15.4" 2.4 unibody which is the late 2008 model. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I'm trying to slowly get the stuff I feel I need such as backpack, external, extra battery, elevator stand. But yesterday I found out that I can buy a ExpressCard/34 adaptor to run an external hdd. I was just wondering if that was faster and cheaper then just buying a external with firewire 800? Thanks for your advice in advanced.
  2. ViciousShadow21 macrumors 68020


    Mar 11, 2009
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    i have asked this question before and the general consensus was that its going to be about the same. so i bought the western digital my book studio edition II and am running it through fire wire 800. it has all 4 hook ups and in my personal use it ran better through fire wire than the express slot.

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