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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Rulrich, Mar 30, 2015.

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    I recently purchased an Apple TV and have some questions about connection issues. I have a Sony Bravia 40" 1080p LCD HDTV model number KDL-40S5100, A Sony Blu-ray disc/DVD home theater system model number BDV – E780W, and the Apple TV. My goal is to play the audio through my Sony home theater system surround sound. I feel as though I have tried every HDMI and optical audio connection, but still am unable to get the audio to play through the surround sound and the Apple TV screen to come up on my TV at the same time. I have two HDMI cables and two optical audio cables. Can someone please explain how to run the HDMI and optical audio cables from the Apple TV to the receiver and to the Sony Bravia TV? I have read a few things about needing an HDMI switch, but don't know if that is necessary. Thank you for your help in advance!
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    Your TV seems to be too old to have ARC integrated into HDMI.
    HDMI ports on a TV are normally inputs (signal sinks). The one port with ARC label has the Audio Return Channel to enable digital audio flow in the opposite direction back into the receiver/AV-system.
    If you don't have ARC, you need to connect TV-s optical digital out to the receiver.
    Next, you need to search in TV-s setup menu and enable audio pass-through from HDMI port you connected :apple:TV to, into digital optical out.
    KDL-40S5100 Quick Setup Guide
    BDV-E780W Quick Setup Guide

    EDIT: According to spec, your Bravia set does also only support stereo sound via HDMI, so you won't be able to enjoy surround sound with such a setup. So you should use Optical cord directly from :apple:TV into the home theater system. At first glance, the optical audio IN seems to be tied with HDMI 1(ARC) on the HT, so you also need to have your HT switched into TV mode to get picture from HDMI 1 IN and Digital Optical Audio In. Thus, you need to connect :apple:TV to the Bravia, not HT with HDMI cord and switch the TV to that HDMI input to see :apple:TV's picture on screen. HT needs to be set on TV input to hear the surround audio coming in via optical.

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    Does your TV have an optical out, and does the DVD/AMP have an optical in? If so, connect the ATV to an HDMI on the TV and run the optical out of the TV to the BD/AMP. This should do it.

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