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Hello and Welcome to MacRumors, the site where you can find all your latest Mac news, rumors and even tricks on your Mac, iPod or iPhone! A user by the name "thecompkid", a member from another community, once said:

“So, you're the new guy [or in some cases a Regular Member]. Got that brand new shiny iPhone sitting on your desk, just begging to be hacked. Good, you found us at least, that's the hardest part. The second hardest part? Overcoming your "Post New Thread" compulsion. Hold on a sec...let me see if I can help you with that.”

As a MacRumors member, I would like to thank you for coming to visit us. We, the MacRumors community, want you to feel welcome in this place! There are also a lot of friendly people on this forum willing and able to help in any way possible. Keep in mind though, that many threads duplicate each other, this is why the following thread was developed. So if you post something already well-known, or that was already answered on this thread, you don’t take it personal if a member tells you otherwise or if a moderator closes the thread or if you get an answer you don’t want, or even don’t like.

Also, as a regular user I want you to know that this is a free and open community. It will always be a free community. The site owner arn’s help and others have enabled it to be so. It has also allowed this community to grow at an exponential rate. We are people that help each other, giving in any way we can and not taking. Please keep that in mind as you post.

With that said, enjoy your stay here. If there’s anything you need clarified, remember I am just a PM away.

The following thread was developed to keep a control on the excessive duplicated threads. Most of those threads created were due in part of not using the search feature. Therefore, this thread will help those that need to be guided in the proper direction without creating more threads. If, you still need more help, or if a problem has come up that has not been discussed, please use the search feature. It is your friend. If you still can not find the solution, feel free to post and we’ll be glad to help.


Table of Contents
I. Post 1
>> General Information
>>> Terminology
>>> iPhone Status Ticker

II. Post 2
>> Information on Software Version & Unlocks
>>> What firmware you have?
>>> Pwnage
>>> redsn0w
>>> yellowsn0w
>>> UltraSn0w
>>> Jailbreakme.com
>>> Further explanations
>>>> Baseband | ARM | A4
>>>> Bootloaders
>>>> Bootrom | iBoot

III. Post 3
>> Feature Expansion Guides
>>> Jailbreak Flowchart by thelatinist
>>> Tether Guide
>>> Enable MMS on 2G iPhone (1st Gen)
>>> AT&T Promotion Codes for FAN# Account Holders

IV. Post 4
>> Warranty
>> App Store Piracy
>>> General Statement and thought


General Information
So we need to clarify a few things first. Some people are new and I want to include the proper terminology for all those who really eed it. So here it is:

The iPhone Dev Team
What can we say about the Dev Team? These are the people who brought you anySIM, first 3rd party "Hello World" app for the iPhone [yes it was not Apple Devs;)], BootNeuter, Pwnage and much more goodies for our iPhones. They constantly watch out for us in terms of giving us easy solutions to unlock, jailbreak and activate when moving from one firmware to the next.

>>If you want to reach them clicking here.
>>You can also read their blog posts here.

Firmware versions (1.0.0 through 4.3.3)-
These are the software versions that run/ran your iPhone. The very first one was firmware 1.0.0. the latest one released is 4.3.3.

Recovery/Restore Mode -
If something bad happens, then this is your best friend. It wipes your iPhone clean of problems and then installs the newest firmware. It gives you a fresh start. This is categorized by the iTunes logo and the USB cable.

DFU Mode -
This is mode is only present from firmware 1.1.1 up. This mode is quite handy when it comes to downgrades. It is categorized by a black screen even and iTunes recognizing the phone as though it needs restore. To reach it you must have the phone connect to iTunes and press and hold the Home + Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds. After those 10 seconds you let go of the Sleep/Wake and continue pressing the Home button. After let go and iTunes should prompt you to Restore. It takes a while to handle.

Jailbreaking -
Jailbreaking is the term we use to describe how we gain access to the root file system on the iPhone. Normally, we can only see a certain folder within this filesystem because of Apple's locking methods, called a chroot jail. This folder houses all the media stuff from iTunes, but not the juicy stuff, the iPhone's OS. Through several different methods which you needn't concern yourself with, we can "break" out of this little sandbox, allowing us to modify files and perform all these cool hacks.

Installer.app -
This is the first app you're going to want to installed once your iPhone is jailbroken. Currenty it is in a beta mode as it had to be rewritten for update 2.0.0. After 2.0.0, Installer became a mere shadow of its former self. It acts as a portal to a world of 3rd party goodness and fantasy, allowing you install everything from the blatantly functional PDFReader to an appropriately named app called iBrate. Installer will die or cease to function on 1/7/09 (July 1, 2009), so its best if you happen to use Installer, start getting to know better either Cydia or Icy.

An application much like Installer. The only difference is that Cydia is an open source application that was the only one available for iPhone update 2.0.0. To date, Cydia hosts the largest 3rd party applications outside the Apple App Store. Cydia currently has entered the paid application market and has same deal as Apple with developers. The payment system is thru PayPal.

Activation -
The iPhone is unique in the sense that it is completely reliant on this activation process to enable normal usage. If you hacktivate your iPhone, it becomes an iPod Touch with camera and bluetooth, only unlocking it will turn it back into an iPhone ;).

Unlocking -
Yeah, you can do that. The process of unlocking allows your iPhone to use any GSM SIM card. Note the term "GSM", AKA, not Verizon or Sprint which use CDMA. Since these carriers use CDMA, the current iPhones will not work at all with them, so don't bother making threads about it. Unlocking modifies the baseband (see below) to accept any SIM you put in your iPhone, and can be a tricky proposition when it comes to FW updates.

Revirginizing -
If you attempt to upgrade an unlocked 1.0.2 to 1.1.1, your phone gets damaged and the baseband becomes bricked. To upgrade, you need to restore the baseband to factory settings first, and we call this revirginizing.

Downgrading -
Apple is keeping up the cat-and-mouse game just like they promised, so occasionally we need to take a step back in time to exploit Apple's previous mistakes. To do this, we can downgrade the iPhone to a firmware older than the one it has, but we need to initiate the restore process differently (DFU mode), and you will get an error, that's normal.

SDK (Software Development Kit) -
Apple finally got our hint and they came out with their own method of allowing 3rd party apps. Just one problem...it sucks. To make a long story short, they're the supreme overlords of the App Store, so good luck getting anything more complex than a tic-tac-toe game approved. Come June of 2008, firmware 2.0.0 will be released and we'll all have fun paying out the ass for every single little game. You really don't need to be greiving over the death of installer.app, though, 3.0.0 is already jailbroken. No, I am not kidding.

Dual Booting -
Dual booting is like running windows on a mac, you have two OS's that you can switch between. For example, you can run 1.1.4 and 1.1.1 on one iPhone. But to tell you the truth you don't really need it, because 1.1.4 has everything 1.1.1 has and more. Dual booting was made for hackers to jailbreak new firmware or debug programs. So if your not going to hack firmwares just forget about it. This method of jailbreaking got patched by Apple, so its no longer working.

...and just a few quick things you may or may not run into...
iTouch - Just another name for the iPod Touch
Repository - Server that hosts packages for installer.app
BSD Subsystem - A collection of tools that fill in the missing parts of the iPhone's core OS, so we can do things like copy and move files.
SSH - Essentially a remote command line for unix, can be installed with installer.app
SCP/SFTP - Methods that are used to transfer files to and from the iPhone, integrated with SSH
WinSCP - A great SCP client for Windows
Springboard.app - Main launcher for the iPhone, it's what you see after you "slide to unlock", can be modified and replaced.
plist - A file that stores information for a program or iPhone preferences, short for property list


iPhone Status Ticker
Here we have the status of all iPhone with respect to jailbreak, unlocking and activations. Statuses are alotted with respect to released software patches, jailbreaks.

Important Notices: Use Pwnage Tool or RedSn0w in order to jailbreak your iPhone on OS 4.

Notes - The 1st Gen iPhone is modifiable at any point thanks to Pwnage tool. No matter what software version Apple throws, they are all vulnerable to Pwnage. That includes Baseband updates also. The True unlock was acheived via iPhoneSIMFree. Although it was a paid solution, the baseband kept unlocked even though the user updated firmware & OS. However, due to newer features and code to the core OS, this unlock cause problems for any OS version greater than 1.1.4. GeoHot developed a similar approach as a free alternative in the last days of May 2008. This iPhone is the most hackable iPhone ever, every aspect of it has ben compromised and is vulnerable at any point.

iPhone 3G
Baseband Modifiable - No
Baseband Downgradable - Yes - Only on certain Bootloader versions.
Baseband Unlock - Yes
Baseband True unlock - No
Jailbreak - Yes
Bootloader Modifiable - No
Notes - iPhone 3G has been successfully unlocked by the Dev Team, using yellowsn0w and UltraSn0w. Both unlocks are exploit dependent (like anySIM days).

iPhone 3G S⃣
Baseband Modifiable - No
Baseband Downgradable - No
Baseband Unlock - Yes
Baseband True unlock - No
Jailbreak - Yes
Bootloader Modifiable - No
Notes - This device has the same exploit as the 2G iPod Touch. The exploit, 24kpwn Exploit, allows easy jailbreak of the iPhone 3G S⃣ . This device is supported by Pwnage Tool and the unlock UltraSn0w.

iPhone 4
Baseband Modifiable - No
Baseband Downgradable - No
Baseband Unlock - Yes - See Note
Baseband True unlock - No
Jailbreak - Yes
Bootloader Modifiable - No
Notes - Has been successfully jailbroken by the iPhone Dev Team. The unlock for this iPhone is accomplished by Ultrasn0w as well (only on Baseband 01.59.00). Watch out for the latest firmware as it destroys your jailbreak and upgrades your baseband rendering your unlock useless. Use Pwnage Tool to prevent any unwanted baseband updates.
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What you should know about the iPhone today
If you purchased an iPhone or an iPhone 3G, it may carry any software version. Your best bet is to upgrade all the way to 3.1.3 (iPhone) or 4.0.1 (3G) by using Pwnage Tool. If you purchased an iPhone 3G S⃣ , then it will have the latest 4.1.0 firmware, used ones may carry 3.1.3, 3.1.2 or 4.0 variants depending on the state of unlock or jailbreak. An iPhone 4 will carry 4.1.0 or 4.2.x firmware.

Firmware Files
Firmware files are quite difficult to obtain for some users, so I made a list of the links to these firmware files off Apple's own servers. Here are the links for the corresponding files:

Note: These are not firmware files from a Torrent or any other site [unsafe]. These firmware files are downloaded directly from Apple's website and are therefore safe. There may be the need to change the ending of the file from .zip to .ipsw.

iPhones come with so far with the following software versions:

= iPhone and iPhone 3G =
If you have the need for one of these links, just PM me. These iPhones are too old already and it's just easier to update all the way to their max software version and leave behind whatever software you have.

= iPhone 3G S⃣ =
- 3.0.0 Firmware & 04.26.08 Baseband Click me
- 3.0.1 Firmware & 04.26.08 Baseband Click me
- 3.1.0 Firmware & 05.11.07 Baseband Click me
- 3.1.2 Firmware & 05.11.07 Baseband Click Me
- 3.1.3 Firmware & 05.12.01 Baseband Click Me
- 4.0.0 Firmware & 05.13.04 Baseband Click me
- 4.0.1 Firmware & 05.13.04 Baseband Click me
- 4.0.2 Firmware & 05.13.04 Baseband Click me
- 4.1.0 Firmware & 05.14.02 Baseband Click me
- 4.2.1 Firmware & 05.15.04 Baseband Click Me
- 4.3.0 Firmware & 05.16.00 Baseband Click Me
- 4.3.1 Firmware & 05.16.00 Baseband Click Me

= iPhonw 4 =
- 4.0.0 Firmware & 01.59.00 Baseband Click me
- 4.0.1 Firmware & 01.59.00 Baseband Click me
- 4.0.2 Firmware & 01.59.00 Baseband Click me
- 4.1.0 Firmware & 02.10.04 Baseband Click me
- 4.2.1 Firmware & 03.10.01 Baseband Click Me
- 4.3.0 Firmware & 04.10.01 Baseband Click Me
- 4.3.1 Firmware & 04.10.01 Baseband Click Me

Please note that iPhone is available in other countries as well. Click Me to view where the iPhone currently is and where it will be supported.

Apple has designed and released the iPhone in the following countries:

- Australia
- Canada
- France
- Honduras
- India
- Italy
- Japan
- New Zealand
- Spain
- United Kingdom
- United States

Before going through with anything please be sure to read throughly and understand
iClarified has created beautiful tutorials with pictures and a video tutorials! Yes, now with video! Links to the tutorials are following the small descriptions. I use iClarified extensively and advice you (can't stress this enough) to do the same.

Here's a break-down of what you will have to do:

Pwnage Current Revision: 4.3.0
This is the Dev Team's elite unlocking tool. This tool is a Mac only tool. Pwnage 1.0 used ramdisk image to target a loophole found in AppleImage2NorAccess to exploit a ROM bug. Pwnage 2.0 allows the pwning of an iPhone [3G or 1st Gen] through the DFU mode. This a low level hackery trick that cannot be corrected with software on the iPhone 3G and 1st Gen iPhone. Only if Apple changes the hardware on released iPhones can Pwnage be undone, which is very unlikely. Both Pwnage tools allow us to create our own custom firmwares which can be jailbroken, activated and unlocked long before we install the firmware on the phone. Pwnage uses BootNeuter in order to unlock the baseband and trim the bootloader to our liking. BootNeuter only works on 1st Gen iPhones on 1.1.4 thru 3.x.x firmware revisions. Just recently Pwnage has been updated to allow iPhone 3G S⃣ users to jailbreak their devices, even at 4.0.0. This is accomplished thru the 24K exploit found in the iPod Touch Gen 3. Like previosuly state, only a hardware change could affect the Pwnage exploits, Apple did what we expected; patch up the Pwnage exploit. Hence we now have to deal with iBoot/Bootrom checks. Check your iDevice's iBoot/Bootrom to ensure compatibility. iPhone 4 has started to be supported thanks to an exploit found by geohot.

Torrent Download link: Click Me
Direct download link: Click Me**
Tutorial on iClarified for iPhone:
Tutorial on iClarified for iPhone 3G: [URL=Click Me[/URL]
Tutorial on iClarified for iPhone 3G S⃣ :[url=Click Me[/url]
Tutorial on iClarified for iPhone 4: [url=Click Me[/url]

UltraSn0w Current Revision: 1.2.1
This is the unlocking solution for all iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S⃣ and iPhone 4. It runs on the latest firmware version of iPhone OS 4. Baseband 01.59.00 for iPhone 4 supported only.

Cydia and Repository URL: repo666.ultrasn0w.com
iClarified Tutorial for Mac OS X or Windows: [URL=http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=4253]Click Me

Jailbreakme.com Current Revision: 2.0
Back in the day of iPhone and software version 1.1.1, Apple left out a huge TIFF image exploit. This exploit was used to create the most simple and straightforward jailbreak to date. Just visit a website, click jailbreak and that was it. No need for long processes or firmware file hacking. However, as usual, Apple fixed this TIFF exploit in their 1.1.2 software release. However, for iPhone OS 4.0.1 down, the iPhone Dev Team and Comex, have re-released & revived jailbreakme.com using a new exploit using a .pdf stack overflow that allows this easy 1.1.1 style jailbreak. This jailbreak is compatible with all iPhone OS devices, including the latest 4.0.1.

Jailbreak Access: Click Me
Please be aware that this link should be clicked in Safari on your iPhone

RedSn0w Current Revision: 0.9.X RC X
The Dev Team's replacement for QuickPwn. This tool does everything on site without the need to do a restore or custom firmware deal like Pwnage. It is quicker and leaner. It is recommended for beginners to use RedSn0w. However it much be stated that Pwnage tool is above all recommended as the level of customization is higher with Pwnage. RedSn0w can be used with iPod Touches.

Download for Windows: Click Me
Download for OS X: Click Me
Note: Since there are several tutorials on how to use Redsn0w on iClarified due to the amount of of iDevices, I've posted the above link to allow you to choose the tutorial for your corresponding device.

** Marks
These are links to download the programs off a mirrored download site. The links used here, are the same links found in the iPhone Dev Team download mirrors in their blog. I use the download mirror links as not many people can use BitTorrent or likewise similar program. These are the full files. However, the iPhone Dev Team warns to check the SHA1 sums even for their BitTorrent downloads. Here are the SHA1 sums for all tools marked by an **.

PwnageTool 4.3 for Mac OS X SHA1 Sum - 9e8ce7d4eb79b5f839efa0233893ef1a6a5e3c5c

Note: Older tools are deleted as newer and better ones appear. PM me if you have any question.

Bootloader, Baseband and Processor
The iPhone is a small computer with two processors, some RAM and some eraseable FLASH for long-term storage (the 8 |16 | 32 GB of storage).

- ARM Core: This is like your main processor in your computer (Intel or AMD based). It handles everything the iPhone does from gaming, music playing and video. This processor also controls the SGold or X-Gold and the antennas.

- A4: This is Apple's custom made CPU that combines the GPU and CPU into a one package deal. The first appearance was made on the iPad and subsequently it replaced the old ARM Core CPU in the iPhone 4. People believe that the iPod Touch Gen 4 will also gain this CPU seeing as the iPhone 4 and iPad already take advantage of it. This CPU is Apple's response to their need higher efficiency and battery life. The A4 chip is known to run an ARM class architecture as well as PowerSGX graphics architecture.

- SGold | X-Gold: This is the processor in the iPhone that handles all telecommunications (Bluetooth, GSM, UMTS, HSPA). [Much like a GPU handles all graphics in a computer] This processor has its own RAM, and resources; however, this processor is a extension of the ARM Core or A4 chip and therefore depends on the main iPhone processor.

- Baseband: This is another fancy name for the SGold/X-Gold processor; moreover, it can also refer to the software that runs the SGold/X-Gold. This software is the one that the Dev Team tries to unlock every time a new firmware comes out in order to use our iPhone all over the world. The baseband is checked by the bootloader to prevent unlocks and curroptions; however, the Dev Team has found a away to delete or modify these checks and omit them completely in order to unlock the iPhone.

- Bootloader:

There are two bootloaders in your iPhone | iPhone 3G | iPhone 3G S⃣ | iPhone 4. One is for the ARM Core. This one starts off the whole iPhone and its processes. The other bootloader is the S-Gold 2 (1st Gen) or X-Gold 608 (3G/3G S⃣ ) bootloader. This is the one we are interested in.


The SGold bootloader comes in two versions so far which are 3.9 and 4.6. The 3.9 version bootloader is the first one to ship out with the original iPhone from July all the way to week 44, 2007 iPhones. From week 45, 2007 iPhones started to ship with the 4.6 version.

The difference is that 3.9 allows easy unlocking and easy downgrading to the baseband. The newer 4.6 version was much tougher to unlock. Version 4.6 of the SGold bootloader has more checks to determine the state of the baseband and prevent it from being unlocked. However, a loophole was found and it is now unlockable and can even be downgraded back to 3.9. Using Pwnage/WinPwn tools users may choose between both and have the option of eliminating the signing checks to allow custom firmware to be installed.

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G has been one of the most tough to crack devices concerning the bootloader. Reason for this is that Apple has become smarter concerning the bootloader. iPhone 3G now ships with 4 different bootloaders, all released in response to a certain corner stone in our way to unlock. All bootloaders are signature checked on startup, meaning old Chain of Trust exploit is still broken. Here, I present to you bootloader versions:

Bootloader 5.8 - First iPhone 3G bootloader. Has an exploit in the code that allows downgrading the baseband firmware. You can use tool called Fuzzyband in Cydia for this. Few iPhone 3G carry this bootloader.

Bootloader 5.9 - Released 2 weeks after Apple found out the Dev Team could downgrade baseband firmware. Since the exploit happened early on, vast majority of iPhone 3G use this bootloader.

Bootloader 6.2 - This bootloader was released in response to yellowsn0w. It fixes the exploit yellowsn0w uses.

Bootloader 6.4 - An update to the previous bootloader. Released along with iPhone OS 3 betas. Still no known exploits. All 2nd generation iPhone 3G use this type of loader.

This concludes the bootloader coverage. More information is being gathered as soon as the Dev Team finds new exploits or holes. One thing is sure, Apple is not wanting the same repeat as the 1st Gen iPhone.

iPhone 3G S⃣

Has the same X-Gold 608 Baseband CPU so, its the same information as the iPhone 3G in regards to bootloaders.

iPhone 4

This has a new baseband chip. The new Baseband CPU is called the X-Gold 618 or XMM 6180. New chip means newer holes can be used to unlock; however, it means a whole new bootloader version and possibly even more work than before to acheive an unlock.

Bootloader 2.0.6 - Original bootloader released with the iPhone 4. As of yet, there is no known exploit.

Bootloader 2.0.8 - Unknown when this bootloader was introduced. Also has no known exploits.

Warning! If your bootloader is deleted (either one), then your iPhone will not work at all. You end up with a permanent brick.

Bootroom | iBoot

This little piece of software is very crutial to an iPhone or other iDevice. It is the one one thing that stands between a total device control and locked down device. The iBoot is the lowest level code running at start up. It checks the baseband's bootloader and other stuff (core OS aswell) in the next level of the Chain of Trust in the iPhone or all other iDevices. It is important to note that the Bootroom/iBoot did not appear in iDevices until the iPod Touch Gen 2. All iDevice releases after that contain a bootroom.

The iBoot/Bootrom is what the iPhone Dev Team exploited in the iPhone and iPhone 3G and 3G S⃣ in order to allow the Pwnage Tool style jailbreak to work. However, Apple fixed this and we now have a really tough Bootrom. The newer bootroms don't allow easy jailbreak and are present on devices from iPhone 3G S⃣ to iPhone 4 (including iPad and iPod Touch Gen 3).

iBoot/Bootrom Versions:

iPhone 3G S⃣
- iBoot-359.3
- iBoot-359.3.2

iPhone 4
- iBoot-574.4

It is also important to note that iBoot-359.3 is the only iBoot version that allows the Pwnage style jailbreak to work on the iPhone 3G S⃣ . Any other variation will not allow it. iBoot-359.3 can be found on iPhone 3G S⃣ 's released from June to September 2009 in general.
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Flowchart | Tethering Guide | MMS on 2G iPhone | AT&T Promos

Jailbreak Flowchart
Use this handy FlowChart created by our very own thelatinist in order to see what Jailbreak method suits your device best.



Tethering Guide for iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S⃣ on Software Version 3.1.2 and below

First of all I have to go through the warning. If you carrier (whether that be AT&T, O2 or someone else) discovers you are tethering without a tethering plan, your service could be terminated or your account may be charged the appropriate and/or extra fees.

Since many have updated to Snow Leopard, it is much more effective to use the native solution found in OS 3 of the iPhone. For this guide I highly suggest you are using 3.1.2 software version. The baseband version does not matter (it can be 04.26.08 or it can be 5.11.07). It is very important that you are in a jailbroken state as you need Cydia access.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Cydia and look for Repositories category
2. Select and install iFoneGuide.nl
3. After Cydia restarts, go to the Search tab and search for Tethering Patch
4. Select and install the patch that fits your phone (3G or 3GS).
5. Once that is done, quit Cydia and enter Safari
6. Type in the address bar: http://help.benm.at
7. Scroll down and select Mobile Configuration
8. Select which ever country you reside in and later the carrier profile that matches you (AT&T, O2, Orange, etc)
9. After that, all you need is to go to Settings => General => Reset and select "Network Settings".
10. Your iPhone will reboot and you should now see Tethering up and working in Network Settings, enjoy!

- Don't use the tethering feature as a main Internet connection, you will get AT&T to notice.
- This methods works flawlessly over Bluetooth and USB.
- It doesn't interfere with Virtual Machines
- Wi-Fi module on your computer is unused via this method
- Try to use USB connection as using BlueTooth (although easier to handle) drains your battery.
- This only works with firmware 3.1.2 down. The Tethering Patch isn't 3.1.3 compatible.


Enable MMS on 1st Gen iPhone
As many of you know, Apple did not decide to enable MMS for 1st Gen iPhone users. As such, anyone who still owns a 1st Gen iPhone and wants MMS either has to update to a new iPhone 3G S⃣ or get an iPhone 3G.

However, hackers have developed a method on enabling MMS capabilities on the 1st Gen iPhone. To enable MMS on your 1st Gen, just follow the instructions:

MMS on 1st Gen iPhone: Click Me

** Be warned! The correct MMS settings for your carrier are not filled in by default. You have to find those MMS APN settings and write them in.**


AT&T Promotion Codes for FAN# Account Holders
AT&T has secret or not quite well known promotional codes for their costumers. These enable account holders to benefit from extra features for free and sometimes get more bang for the buck (in English more stuff for less). To add these codes to your account, all you have to do is call up AT&T Costumer Care line, just dial 611, and ask for the promotional code to be added. There is a catch. You must be an AT&T FAN# Account Holder. In other words, your account is receiving a discount from AT&T because of your job or school/college.

To check if you are Eligible or Qualify for an AT&T FAN#: Click Me

Here are the codes from AT&T
  • CLL2 - Provides 200 free Text Messages for College students. Be on the look, since not all college FAN# support this code. If your college does not support it, the promotion will be dropped after 1 or 2 billing cycles.
  • U200 - Provides 200 Free Bonus Anytime Minutes.
  • TMB9 - Provides a Texting Plan that consists of $7.49 a month for 750 Text Messages; for iPhone users this also includes MMS when available.

Note - More codes will be available as we discover them. So stay clear and check this guide for more codes or even juicier ones;)
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Please note this is a general warranty section and it may differ from country to country. This guide is based for those in the United States

Ok, so people all around ask what about the warranty to an unlocked iPhone. A well known fact is that Apple denies service on warranty if your iPhone has been tampered with its software in anyway. Here is the hard cold truth:

iPhone that have been unlocked, activated or jailbroken are voided out of the warranty. In other words, you loose your warranty as soon as you perform one of those actions even if you are on a legit contract.

However, there are ways to claim your warranty.

How to claim warranty on an unlocked iPhone

First, if you are on an unofficial carrier the best thing to do is find a friend who has an iPhone on an official contract. Let them call Apple and act as if his iPhone (which is yours) is broken. Your friend sends of your iPhone and Apple returns it to him and you got serviced.

How to claim warranty on an jailbroken iPhone

This one is easy (if you have a legit contract), just Restore using iTunes (be sure are settings of 3rd party software are set back to out-of-box state) and then call Apple for repairs.

If you are in an unofficial contract just do the same procedure as above for unlocking and everything should be fine.

Why is Apple able to tell I unlcoked, etc

Apple denies warranty on an iPhone if it has never been activated through an official carrier. How can you go to Apple and ask for warranty service if your iPhone has never been activated and therefore you can't possibly know what is wrong with it? Answer: You can't, and if you show signs you know what's wrong with it, Apple Genius will know you bypassed activation and that it could have been unlocked, and therefor tells you your warranty is void.


Piracy is not endorsed in MacRumors, it is against the Forum Rules to request help regarding piracy of Mac OS X or applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch. So please do not ask for such help as it will not be given.

We abide by the law in the United States. Jailbreaking is legal because of the Telecommunications Law allows it so. The Law or Statue that allows this is called specifically the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is effective since October 28, 1998. The specific claus allowing this is an exemption, and it reads as follows:

Computer programs in the form of firmware that enable wireless telephone handsets to connect to a wireless telephone communication network, when circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communication network. 17 U.S.C. 1201(a)(1) Librarian of Congress

Now, Jailbreaking is not to remove the lock placed on the iPhone to connect it to other carriers lawfully. That has been clearly been stated through out the guide. However, Jailbreaking is the process by which we put the program to unlock, hence, both procedures are tied together as one. However, Jailbreaking allows much more things like unsupported apps (pre 2.0.0) as long as the apps were lawful. However, using Jailbreaking for pirated apps opens a Pandora box as Jailbreaking becomes now wrongfully used and unlawful prcedure. Please help us maintain Jailbreaking and the unlocks legal and in the green zone for future use by acting accordingly to law.

Please remember the law is different per country and you should act within the law in whatever country you live in


Clarification: The following statements are my thoughts and not intended for debate. If you don't share my point of view, then please do not post as such posts will create unnecessary flame wars and spam. Any people breaking this will be reported, thanks.

My Thoughts
You see jailbreaking is the art of adding applications forbidden by Apple (like emulators and background changers, or background running apps). Jailbreaking does NOT endorse cracking legal apps and distributing illegally. I know its feels good to get an app that is free when it costs $x.xx. However, we must understand that developers take their time and put it into their app and if they feel that at least some compensation is in order, then we must accept that fact, since without the said developer we wouldn't have the app in the first place.

A cracked app is no different than a cracked Vista/XP copy or a cracked game for PC or PS3, Wii or XBox. They are all illegal and should be avoided. Piracy whatever it is is illegal, we may share or stuff, but not give it away. Doing so is simple negligence of the term sharing. Furthermore, some apps require a special verification to work at its top intended paid level. Altering the app and redistributing it with hacked to work 100% is illegal as it is piracy. Please do not support piracy.

Please remember the nature of jailreaking, adding usefulness to our beloved phones, not making them illegal pieces of hardware/software. That was the reason the Dev Team gave us jailbreak, to make iPhones even more productive.


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Sep 3, 2010
JAV6454..Wow!! You know your sxxxxxxx!!!

Thanks for all the useful and enlightening info! I am a newbie and bought my first jailbroke, unlocked 3G-8G Iphone a few months ago and before I do anything further I want to make sure I am doing the right thing. I have a simple question but its holding me back from moving on. My phone is running the firmware: 02.28.00 and I just use it for wifi and music at this point, no plans for calling just yet..I am intrested in the 2Line app where you can call using voip on a secondary number
A. the app says I need a higher firmware 3.0 something and update my Itunes to the latest version.
B. Will installing 3.0 firmware lock my phone and leave me with a paperweight?
c. Can I upgrade my Itunes to version 10 or will that effect my Iphone?

My intention is to keep using it without a plan for now and installing the 2 line voip app so I can make an occaisional call..

I want to upgrade my itunes as well but dont want it to reset my phone..

what are your suggestions? Thanks for your patience and willingness to share your vast knowledge...peace, Alan (boulonman) alanwautier@cox.net:confused::confused::D:D


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Feb 23, 2010
This is an awesome guide..I'm not new to JB/Unlock but I read the entire thing and was thoroughly interested, great write-up. Especially liked the flowchart :D


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Jun 4, 2003
This is a very thorough and informative post!

I came here though hoping for info on downgrading with Tiny Umbrella. Perhaps that should be added in somewhere. 


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Dec 6, 2003
Long Island, NY
I am looking to downgrade my iPhone 2g from 1.1.4 all the way to 1.0. Crazy? maybe, but I want to preserve this phone in it's original state to look back at 1.0 and see how it all started. I don't need the GSM radio to work (just the wifi). Should I start by downgrading the baseband to 3.9, then use pwnage tool to downgrade to 1.0? I have the ipsw... I appreciate any help on my project.

This is a fantastic thread, it's such a relief to see such a well organized one stop shop for anything about jailbreaking, unlocking etc.


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Oct 15, 2010
All Good stuff here Im certain but over my head still.


G Day,

I’m from Australia and have an iPhone 4 which is currently locked or only capable of working on one cellular network.

It is currently version 4.0.2 (8A400) with modem firmware 01.59.00

Let me firstly start with the fact that I know very little about operating the iPhone (hope to learn over time) and for that matter how to unlock/jailbreak.

I am not even certain how far I need to go as all I want to be able to do is use a different cellular network sim card to operate the iPhone. So maybe I don’t need to jailbreak it but only need to unlock it.

I am seeking some specific guidance if available and apologize in advance if you have already answered these type question a hundred time over.

I have been reading a lot and maybe I don’t trust my own interpretation of the what I have read. I have checking out the instructions on iclarified.

It seems to indicate that I need to jailbreak the iPhone before I can unlock it to use a cellular provider.

The instructions for jailbreak seem to only mention the use of Pwnage Tool 4.1 which is for Mac computers and my personal home computer is a windows based HP. This would seem to be my first hurdle.

I have not even connected my iPhone as yet to itunes and have been avoiding accepting any offers of upgrading that come to the phone from time to time.

Simply, as said above I just need basic instructions to follow. A great solution would see me hand the phone to someone to do it for me but then I guess I wouldn’t learn anything moving forward with the iPhone.

Any help, appreciated.


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Original poster
Nov 14, 2007
1 Geostationary Tower Plaza

Then your first jump should be to find someone with a Mac. That or finding a Vanilla 4.1 .ipsw for download. Bear in mind, it is always preferable to leave this options as the ultimate last resort due to the nature of modified .ipsw's.

Anyways, there is one other alternative. It's called RedSn0w; however, the usage of it implies you first have to update through iTunes and then use redns0w and hence you loose the 01.59.00 baseband, ergo the unlock as well.

Pwnage Tool is the only one that will allow a successful upgrade of the OS without letting the baseband go up.


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Dec 6, 2010
I'm currently on 4.1, jailbroken.
If I want to upgrade to 4.2.1 and have it jailbroken, what steps should I take? Will I lose my data in the process?

Also I'm curious about the AT&T promotion code thing. Anyone tried it?


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Jan 25, 2011
problem with iphone

Just wondering if anyone can help me with my iphone. I have an unlocked iphone (2g) from the old days... which had firmware 1.1.4 or something. Ignorantly while trying to upload files from iphone to mac comp in itunes, i updated the latest iphone software, i believe 4.2 and now my phone is back to it's original non functioning state. A bricked phone that will only allow emergency calls. How can I unlock it so that it's a working gadget again? Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Jul 28, 2010
Just wondering if anyone can help me with my iphone. I have an unlocked iphone (2g) from the old days... which had firmware 1.1.4 or something. Ignorantly while trying to upload files from iphone to mac comp in itunes, i updated the latest iphone software, i believe 4.2 and now my phone is back to it's original non functioning state. A bricked phone that will only allow emergency calls. How can I unlock it so that it's a working gadget again? Does anyone have any suggestions?

4.2 shouldn't even run on that phone. Reinstall 3.1.3 and jailbreak it, then unlock with boot neuter.


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Feb 16, 2011

Hello all,
I have bought a new Iphone.Its really nice phone.So I want more information regarding same.Thanks.:p


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Mar 3, 2011
iPhone 2G 3.1.3, baseband 04.05.04_G

Hello JAV


need your help please....I have the iphone mentioned above, how can I jailbreak it and subsequently unlock it? Can I use jailbreakme.com? Im really new here, would really appreciate any help.



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Oct 1, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
I'm waiting on the 4.3 jailbreak to make it out to make one entire update. If it doesn't come out in 2 weeks I'll be making the update just up to 4.2.1.
Ahh, good idea. If they decide to delay it till 4.3.1 (version guessed) comes out, as i0n1c joked, then you could at least put in a mention that one can upgrade to the 4.3 tethered jailbreak.


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Mar 13, 2011
another noob question

Hey guys was searching the web for upgrading ios for my already jailbroken iphone 3GS, wonderful guide straightforward for noobs like me, two things i didnt get/stuck on
1) Is tethering necessary for any procedure when jailbreaking/updating iOS?
2) I received this iphone as a gift, it was already jailbroken when i received it (although when i received it at the time i had no idea it already was jailbroken, didnt even know the difference between jailbreaking/unlocking lol) so following the flow chart i found out that i have the "old" bootrom (359.3), and i dont know what method was used to jailbreak it. I have the 3.1.2 firmware and that's where im stuck as well, in the chart it says jailbreak with redsnow then upgrade, confused to why its like that since my phone is already jailbroken. Do i have to jailbreak it again? btw im only looking to upgrading the iOS to 4.0.1/2 dont wanna unlock it. any help is appreciated, thanks.


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Mar 7, 2011
this is by-far the best thread I've read so far. just what I was looking for.
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