New Vapssky Smart Alarm Pro App – Innovative Alarm Clock Wakes Up Body and Mind!

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    Smart Alarm Pro is one of the few alarm clock apps that stimulates the user’s mind in order to wake up. The app lets the user choose from solving a simple math problem, completing a connect-the-dots game, participating in a balloon shoot-out challenge or a quick round of tic-tac-toe to silence the alarm. In addition, Smart Alarm Pro comes equipped with a standard alarm function for a more traditional wakeup call.

    Another unique feature included in Smart Alarm Pro is its nearly foolproof design. Whereas many iPhone alarm clock apps can be disabled by simply returning to the home screen, this action will send Smart Alarm Pro into a five-minute snooze setting. The alarm will continue to ring eight more times before shutting off, allowing deep sleepers to wake up gradually and not miss their alarm.

    Smart Alarm Pro also solves another persistent design issue common in most alarm clock apps. With its Sleep Mode setting, Smart Alarm Pro uses substantially less battery power compared to a normal app. The developers’ tests also show that, while on Sleep Mode, it takes up to 8 hours for the app to drain a fully-charged iPhone’s battery.

    In addition, Smart Alarm Pro’s Sleep Mode feature conserves an iPhone’s battery power once it dips down to 20%. As long as an iPhone’s auto-lock is set to anything except “Never,” Sleep Mode will automatically lock a user’s iPhone to conserve power. This failsafe will allow an alarm tone to play until users open the app to solve their puzzle.

    Still, the developers recommend that Smart Alarm Pro be used while an iPhone is connected to a power source. This way, the app’s Sleep Timer can help users drift off to sleep while listening to their favorite song or playlist.

    Smart Alarm Pro is designed to get both the mind and body awake and ready to start the day. The app includes many features designed to improve a user’s mornings and evenings:

    * Customizable Alarm – Smart Alarm Pro functions with any music on the iPhone and comes with its own set of pre-installed alarm tones. More themes and tones will also be added soon.

    * “Foolproof” Design – While many alarm clock apps can be disabled just by returning to the home screen, Smart Alarm Pro will only go into snooze for five minutes. The app will foil persistent sleepyheads up to eight times.

    * Sleep Timer – Users can drift off to sleep by playing their favorite songs or playlists.

    * Sleep Mode – In Sleep Mode, Smart Alarm Pro remains active, ensuring that when the alarm goes off, users will hear their chosen alarm tone.

    * Disable Puzzles – Smart Alarm Pro can function as a traditional alarm clock by turning off the wakeup puzzles.

    * Flashlight – Shaking the iPhone will turn on or off a flashlight, so users do not need to stumble around if they wake up at night.

    * Five Themes – Choose from digitally hand drawn backgrounds based on the elements of life: earth, air, water, fire, and sky.

    * No Advertising – Users can enjoy their new alarm clock without ads.

    Device requirements:
    * iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
    * Requires iOS 4.0 or later
    * 15.0 MB

    Pricing and availability:
    Smart Alarm Pro 1.0 is currently available for sale worldwide through the App Store in the Utilities category for $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). Review copies are available upon request.

    iTunes Download Link

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    Got one. Will try it out for tomorrow when I wake up. This should be interesting.
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    Need more codes
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    Here are 5 more codes for the macrumors users


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