New Zuma game - Magic Popo, is now free for a limited time

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    Apr 15, 2013
    I have recently released an iPad game called Magic Popo on the App Store and would love to hear feedback on the app!

    The application is $1.99 which is now free for a limited time

    Magic Popo is a game of Zuma system but more addictive. The playing method is totally new and different from Zuma. It creates a surprisingly simple color-matching game that never fails to be fast, challenging, and exciting. Never thinking of "killing your time", once you start, this is a game you would like to sit down and will be playing for a while.

    Magic Popo is a fantastic balls shooting battle in a strange world which is divided into 4 scenes of 20 levels. You’ll need to use your rapid-fire action and color-matching skills to remove balls in your path, before you losing a life or failing the level.

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    Apr 15, 2013
    The app is now $ 0.99. Pls voice out if you would like to a code to download it.

    I hope to hear any feedback from you.

    many thanks
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    I'd love to have a code. :) E-mail Thanks!

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