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Sep 15, 2011
I have a new App to recomme.It's usefull and beautiful.


SPA Deep Sleep:Relax & Fast asleep. the Master of insomnia treatment
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# Updated: Jan 9, 2012
# Version: 1.0
# Language: English , Chinese, Japanese,Korean
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Wherever you are, in Paris,New York or London, and no matter which industry you conduct, some anxious feelings always come to you, and then affect your sleep.
We are struggling every day. The heavy work and learning often gives rise to anxiety, leading to insomnia. Because Poor sleep also affects the mental state of the next day, are you still torturous? Why not come to try the professional version of the SPA, which is real Master in treatment of insomnia. It promises you a peace of mind and a hand to deal with the trouble of insomnia in the key point.
SPA, the Master of insomnia treatment, based on the scientific principle of the human body’s mutual influences on themselves, merges the pure and natural selected original sound and music design into one unit. On account of citizen’s the insomnia and agitation, the mental derangement, the muscle aches, the spiritual stress and other common sub-health state, spa can easily help release the pressure and commit a transformative effect on the physical as well as emotional body. Built-in music provides an effective way into a deep sleep to the people who desire for healthy sleep. The gentle melody and tactful tones can create a quiet atmosphere helping insomnia deal with unfavorable factors. SPA is the best options of sound therapy with aim to enhance the quality of sleep. With SPA, vibrant vitality will be restored, the backlog of all the internal pressure and fatigue thorough will be dropped out..
What is more, with SPA, the Master of insomnia treatment, at the time of listening beautiful music, you can browse the web and appreciate pictures on the iPhone. Then a peaceful state in your mind is created for you by SPA. In addition, on the iPod , SPA takes over music button, you can quickly control the music setting..
When you want to sleep, set a time for SPA. Within the time you can play music, and music will end by itself at the appointed time, that also saves the phone battery. No human action.SPA can ensure you sleep peacefully. Also well-done sound waves which flow gradually make sure that you can get into sleep without effects from any sudden music halt to break your sweet dreams.
SPA also provides a calendar, in which you can record the quality of your sleep. These records also can be used as pre-sleep records.
Lastly, along with some knowledge of favoring sleep, SPA can help you more..
SPA Master provides you functions about the treatment of insomnia:
1 abundant well- selected music based on scientific principles;
2 full function of playing on the backstage and taking over the iPod music button;
3 powerful function of time playing: Music is played within specified time;
4 a built-in calendar, which can record the quality of sleep and favor your sleep;
5 abundant knowledge and tips to help sleep.

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Sep 15, 2011
A few days later, there will be a new version.more funcations.
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