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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mattelvin, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. mattelvin macrumors newbie

    Jun 20, 2008

    i've just made the leap from pc to mac with a lovely white mac book (the medium flavour if you please - it still smells lovely too!), but i'm feeling a bit awkward with it.
    I consider myself reasonably sharp with pc's - its my job, but what i'm after is that someone could give me answers to the following to help me familiarise myself with my mac;
    - how to see the chip info (eg speed, etc) as you would in a pc - right click my computer, properties etc
    - what kind of file structures to mac have - are there equivalents for mac - eg fat, fat32 or ntfs
    - how much are .mac accounts in UK and are they worth it, i mean, what are the benefits?
    - could i, if needed use my pc tft to have an extended desktop for my mac?
    - as i have office 2008 on my mac, do they have the same file extension that would allow me to view the same document on a pc? if not, how severe are the differences?

    i think these will do for now, i'm sure i'll have loads more questions soon, but i don't want to build a case against my lovely new mac against my tried and tested old xp machine!:eek:

    any assistance would be great.


    i knew i'd think of some as soon as i'd posted this;

    - as i have leopard, i'm trying to set up the time machine, or at least get the hang of it so when i have more data to back up, it will worth the effort now, the only trouble is when i click on the time machine icon, and choose the disk to back up to, it stays blank - why? also, would it be worth partitioning the HD for the purpose of using time machine.
    - will i ever need to defrag the HD on my mac? - could you elaborate?
    - are there any app's that would haelp my transition from pc to mac - i'm trying to avoid boot camp or parallels a- cold turkey i guess
    thanks - i'l be back for more i sure!
  2. ki2594 macrumors 6502a

    Apr 12, 2008
    Carmel, IN.
    Alright, ill try and do my best!
    1. to see chip info, click on the apple located at the top left corner, and click about this mac. Then if you want more in-depth info, click on simply "more info"
    2. I'm not good with file structures, so not sure :/
    3. its actually now called mobile me, not .mac as it is changing, and I'm not sure bout the UK since i don't live there, but mobile me is going to be amazing. I'm def. getting it. Benefits are: Extra storage space/sending files over to all your devices all at once (including your windows computer)/theres a lot more.
    4. idk
    5. It's the same file extensions. I have the same macbook, but really on any mac office 08 is disappointing. It's pretty sluggish compared to iWork 08. I have both but I use iWork a lot more. It has a lot better software, and you can also make a .doc file which you can view on windows directly on pages, so really no need for office unless you need the extra stuff

    Hope i helped on the points which i knew!

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